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10 Reasons Why a Move to Brazil is Your Next Step

02 Aug 2023

10 Reasons Why a Move to Brazil is Your Next Step
Picture a life of evening walks down a palm tree-dotted beach or dinner under the stars while listening to the hustle and bustle of the lively city streets.

 Brazil has it all. Being the largest country in South America means that Brazil is incredibly diverse and boasts a unique way of life. With over 11,000 Brits here already, we have compiled the 10 reasons to move to Brazil to help you decide if this is your next big step. 

1. Rich culture

Brazil has one of the richest cultures in the world. With influences from indigenous, African and European heritage, it is a country shaped by the people who have lived and live here today.  The vibrant atmosphere can be felt all over the country and with national holidays being an excellent excuse to celebrate, there is no place quite like Brazil during these times. 

2. Cost of Living 

There is no denying that the cost of living is less in Brazil. From rent to food prices, the money you earn can go a lot further here than in other places in the world. Overall costs are 40% lower than in the UK when factoring in earning a Brazilian wage. This means there is more opportunity to enjoy eating out and travelling in this diverse and vast country. 

Staring  Jaguar creeping forward surrounded by green plant life

3. Nature

From the Amazon rainforest to the savannas known as 'Cerrado', nature in Brazil is something out of a wildlife documentary. Jaguars (the national animal of Brazil), Amazon river dolphins and macaws are just some of the unique animals that roam Brazil. Moving to a country with such immense biodiversity means that living here provides an opportunity to discover animals like never before.

It is not just inland that holds this country's beauty; with over 7000 km of coastline, Brazil is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Across the country, you can experience everything from tall dunes leading into the water to waves lapping up against the city's sea defences. 

4. The Brazilian People

Without a doubt, it's the people who live here who make Brazil what it is today. The Brazilian people have an infectious and incredible love for life. They are extremely passionate people - from football to dancing, Brazilians aren’t half-hearted about anything. Young to old, when it's time for a party, everybody gets involved. They are the warmest and friendliest people you could meet and will welcome you with open arms.

5. Fast-Growing Economy

Growing at the fastest rate in the world, Brazil’s economy is booming. The nation's skyline is dotted with new buildings, and infrastructure development is in full swing. This economic surge is creating new opportunities and spurring job creation left right and centre. Brazil's flourishing industries, particularly in agriculture, mining, and services, attract domestic and foreign investments.

6. Free Health Care 

There is always peace of mind knowing that there is free healthcare within a country, especially for those unexpected emergencies. In most small towns, villages and cities, you can find medical attention without it costing anything. Although free health care is available for all legal residents of Brazil, many expats choose to have private healthcare insurance just in case. 

7. FestivalWoman dressed in dance & festival costume with a red and yellow feather crown

Brazil is renowned for its festivals and carnivals. One of the most famous is The Rio Carnival which highlights the culture, brightness, and vibrant lives that Brazilians lead. All across the country, Brazilians come out to party during festivities like these. Streets fill out with a parade of floats and dancers. By moving here, you'll get to experience these carnivals and celebrations like a local. 

8. Weather 

Without a doubt, the weather in Brazil is reason enough to make you want to stay. The constant and pleasant weather allows for an outdoor lifestyle where you can enjoy being active in the fresh air. The extra sunshine and beautiful scenery make exploring an easy task. The allure of the warm weather is another reason why many are drawn to making Brazil their new home.

9. House prices

An appealing aspect of moving to Brazil is the affordable house prices, especially when compared to many other popular expat destinations. The cost of housing can vary depending on the region and city, but in general, it is often more affordable than in many developed countries.

10. The Food

A typical Brazilian dish of beef and onions served with beans, rice and salad.

With a tropical climate comes tropical ingredients, and Brazil uses what it has to make delicious dishes. The opportunity to try Brazilian cuisine is another fantastic reason to move to Brazil. Varying in specialities around the country, you can find local meals inspired by natural resources. In coastal towns, fish is a staple, whereas inland, meat is more regularly-eaten.

If these reasons are enough to convince you of a new life in the sun, then speak to Bishop’s Move about your removal to Brazil. Our experienced teams help throughout the entire process so you can focus on starting a new life.