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Bishop’s Move has a dedicated European Removals team and a branch located in Spain to help you with moving from Spain to the UK or any European destination.

With a dedicated branch in Spain, our team has a great deal of knowledge on everything you need when moving back to the UK and can assist you through the entire process. As one of the leading removal companies from Spain to the UK, make sure you get a quote!

Bishop’s Move is one of the oldest removal companies around, founded 165 years ago. We have been carrying out European removals throughout our history and are one of the only British removal companies providing comprehensive removal services in Spain. So no matter whether you are moving from Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or Alicante, we can help with your international removal.

We have English speaking representatives in our Spanish branches and they can chat with you about our international removal options and everything you will need for moving back to the UK. They can make sure that you have everything from removal services, transportation, packing and any insurance that you might need. We will provide an accurate quote for all of the services you need so you know exactly how much you will be paying up front.

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Can I move to the UK after Brexit from Spain?

If you were living in the United Kingdom before moving to Spain and have British nationality then you should be able to move back to the country. If you do not already have settled status before 1 January 2021 then the new rules will apply. Our team can help you through the process and apply for resident status or visas if needed.

Bishop’s Move provides household removals and strives to make sure we deliver the best customer service possible. We meet with all our prospective clients and make sure that we have covered all of your needs before the move. Our services include packing and transportation so we can come to your home and ensure all belongings are securely packed ready for transportation. This helps save you time and eases the stress of moving, so you can take care of any forms that might need filling in. We also have a wide range of knowledge in the UK with over 30 branches in our removals network reaching around the country, so we can help with advice and make sure you are settled.

If you have a business in Spain and are looking to relocate to the UK then we can also help with your business removal. If you have a lot of office furniture or inventory that needs to be moved we can help with shipping and make sure that you have filled out all necessary forms. We have experience of moving businesses back to the UK and we can help make sure the move is as smooth as possible. If you have staff to relocate then we can also make sure we help with this. Our business team can assist with all aspects of the move and make sure Spanish law is followed for your removal.

Get in touch with our Spain Removals team today to get a free quote on moving from Spain back to the UK!