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Why Scandinavia is the Place for Expats

14 Nov 2018

Why Scandinavia is the Place for Expats
If you’ve had enough of the same old routine and you want to start out a new life somewhere else, then maybe Scandinavia is the right place for you. We’ll be giving you an insight into why Scandinavia is where you want to live and why it’s on the top of the list for expats.


If you’re planning to have children, then it might be the right time for you move to Sweden in Scandinavia. In the UK, the men get 2 weeks off for their newly born children and the women only get 6 months off. However, in Sweden, both the men and women get 480 days of paid parental leave to share between them. Imagine getting 480 days to do what you want. Although they get 480 days a lot of the couples only take a month or so off, so they can make a bit of extra cash.

Fluent English and Education

Norway in Scandinavia is great for English expats. Most people in Norway would’ve learnt English in school, because of this a lot of the country can speak English. Therefore, if you wanted to move away from home but didn’t want to learn a new language then it would be a perfect place to move to.

The only time you may be required to learn Norwegian is if you wanted to join a university that demands their students to be able to fluently communicate in Norwegian. However, you could argue it is worth learning as all universities are state-funded and offer free education. So, you can either be a ginormous amount of debt or learn Norwegian and not pay for your education.


Sweden is well known for its unbelievable internet and broadband service. Sweden has one of the fastest internet connections in the world and in 2014 it was ranked 5th in the world. This will bring a lot of businesses and individuals who require the internet a lot as they will want the best connection speeds so that they can complete their work more efficiently.

Not only do they have great internet speeds, but they also have terrific broadband speeds and they have 4G. People who are using the 4G will receive it even if they’re on the underground. This alone proves how fantastic it must be because every time you’re on the underground in London you never have signal unless it’s a free WIFI.

Outside Activities

Both Sweden and Norway have great outdoor activities for everyone. Especially Sweden with its all-year-round activities with skiing in the winter and beaches and free places to swim in Stockholm in the summer. However, in Sweden, it can get as cold as -20 degrees therefore if you want to know what to wear in those weathers you can use this website. Due to Sweden having these activities all year round with a lot of holidays from work it makes it a very upbeat place to live as there are always so many activities.


In Sweden although you do have to pay for healthcare, it is very affordable. It only costs on average 100-250 KR. Per visit which in GBP is about £9-£23. The max amount that can be spent is 1000 KR. which is still only £91.24. This means that a lot of people who maybe live in America where healthcare is expensive would want to move out to places like Sweden so that they can take advantage of their affordable healthcare.

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