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Best Cities to Visit at Christmas

07 Nov 2018

Best Cities to Visit at Christmas

Finding somewhere to go at Christmas is never easy. You’re facing problems such as keeping all the family together, making sure the kids are happy, finding the best place to eat, drink and just all-around relax and enjoy your holidays.

We have come up with a blog that features some of the best cities to visit for Christmas around the world that you might want to think about travelling to this year. If you're looking to spend Christmas somewhere different this year then our list is perfect to offer you some inspiration.

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is a magnificent and tourist friendly city already, however, Christmas is one of the best times to visit. A popular market in the city sells goods from all over the world and Nuremberg's famous gingerbread. 180 Stalls with 2 million visitors a year, great for kids due to the wooden Ferris wheels. Where can you stay? Park Plaza Nuremberg, 4 star hotel in the heart of Nuremberg is just a 12-minute walk from the Christmas market. The city is good for families as it offers goods and services for all ages making it a fantastic family adventure. Mulled wine for the adults, rides for the children and stalls for the whole family so everyone is happy.

New York City

If you’re a big shopper, then New York City is the right place to go for Christmas. It has Macys Santaland with a 13,000-foot indoor Christmas holiday landscape, which gets everyone feeling festive. Macy’s is open from November 24th through to Christmas Eve. Book tickets and find out more info here.

Visit Central Park and enjoy some of the fantastic scenery that it has to offer whilst you’re either taking a walk, ice skating or even getting a horse ride through the snow.

Some of the best Christmas movies in history such as Elf or Home Alone 2 have been made in New York. You can visit the spots where those Christmas films were originally made and explore the other amazing sights that New York has to offer.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is opening a unique advent tunnel for Christmas. It is going to be designed with Christmas lights and is being described as the closest adventure to Narnia with its 3D and realistic lights and design. If you’re part of the younger generation and looking for more of a party scene, then Advent European Square is the place to go. It offers a concert which is filled with DJ sets and music throughout the night. This makes it a terrific location for meeting new people and making new friends whilst being on holiday.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen will be a great holiday for a large family as it offers a very friendly welcoming to the city and is also affordable. The most popular location to visit, especially around Christmas, is the Tivoli Gardens. It offers a range of activities, such as outdoor concerts for the teenagers, landscaped gardens with beautiful decorations for the adults and fairground rides for the kids. Get in the festive mood at the renaissance castle with Christmas treats and plenty of Christmas activities, ballrooms and the courtyard which provides activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Tromso, Norway

Norway is one of the best places to go to for Christmas, as they have the unique view of the Northern Lights which everyone can enjoy and bond over. This also offers you the chance to say you have visited the Arctic Circle for Christmas, which let's face it, everyone wants to claim. As well as this they offer dog sledging, a mountaintop cable car and a range of different and delicious foods. As most of the hotels are shut for the Holidays the best place to stay is the Clarion Collection Hotel which offers magnificent views of the amazing scenery that Norway has to offer.