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What can you expect with a Platinum Move?

27 Apr 2023

What can you expect with a Platinum Move?
What can you expect with a Platinum Move?


We’ll arrange for one of our specialist surveyors to visit your home to find out how we can assist you in your move. They will inventory your furniture & personal effects, introduce any of the Platinum Move services relevant to your move and create a bespoke package to suit your needs.

We’ll assess the volume and detail the particulars of your move, which will enable us to plan a schedule that will take into account your timetable and when you’ll have access to your new property and if required we can plan the move schedule to minimize disruption to family life.

We will take the time to take measurements and images for our specialist high value art,  piano handling, handyman / electrician or heavy lifting services, where needed.  

By taking up our (pre-move) concierge service, we can follow up our initial visit with a planning meeting, where you can use our floor planner software to plan where you’d like your furniture to be move to, in your new home.

Do you need someone to manage the closing of accounts / transfer of utilities and to carry out meter readings on the day of the move ? End of tenancy  / carpet or oven cleaning services ?  We can arrange that for you. 

If you’re looking to downsize, we can also use this visit to plan a declutter service, where we can arrange for items to go to auction, charity, or to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.


During Your Move

If you opt to include a concierge service whilst the move is taking place, this means that you can have an adviser on site for a half day, or full day, on selected days or throughout the course of your move.

On arrival , they will introduce the removal crew and show them around your property, after that they will be on-site to liaise between you and the crew. This is a fantastic option to have if you are unable to personally be on site the whole time, or need to get on with work without distractions, and would like the re-assurance of having someone familiar around to direct on your behalf, and answer any crew questions or direct handymen / electricians to oversee the dismantling and reassembling of beds and furniture, taking down and putting up of light fittings etc. They will then to make sure that items are delivered into the right room and place at the new property.

This service can be arranged by a half day, full day or throughout the entire schedule of your move.



Why not take advantage of our Homemaker service? Following delivery into your new home, our unpackers can unpack boxes into kitchen cupboards, clothes into wardrobes, books into bookcases, linens into airing cupboards etc., cleaning the inside of cupboards beforehand if needed. They can also dress beds, arrange bedding, toys and ornaments to make your home comfortable as early as possible following the upheaval of a house move.

Following an unpacking service, we will of course, arrange a carton collection, where our crew will return to collect all unpacked boxes and clear any remaining packing debris / export blankets / crates etc., leaving your home looking like a home, clear of all removal clutter, enabling you to move on with your life as early as possible.

We can have your artwork and mirrors re-hung in your new home. Again, this is something that can be discussed and planned before the move starts, but you may want to leave this until the dust settles after the move.