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Top Tips for Moving your Library/Reading Books.

07 Mar 2013

Top Tips for Moving your Library/Reading Books.

As it's World Book Day we thought we'd share some Top Tips on moving your library and reading books.

Although many of us are increasingly enjoying the ease of downloading digital copies to our Kindles and tablets, we still tend to have quite a few of our favourite books, either as paperbacks or hardbacks, sitting on shelves and coffee tables in our homes.

When it comes to moving house it can be a fairly daunting experience to pack them all up, as first of all books are heavy. Plus, they need to be handled carefully so that they are not torn or spoilt.

Bishop's Move have over 155 years experience in moving, including moving the British Library and many other private collections.

So whether your home library contains 50 Shades of Grey, a few Harry Potter's or the entire works of Jane Austen, here are some great tips for keeping your books safe during their move:


1. Use a purpose designed "book carton" to pack your books into. These are stronger than most cardboard boxes and dimensions should be approximately 340mm x 460mm x 350mm.

2. Make sure you secure the bottom of the carton with thick, strong tape.

3. Do not pack too many books into each carton - books are heavy and it is better to be able to lift the box more easily than struggle with an overweight box.

4. Hard-backed books are best packed spine down, as this is their strongest point. Pack them well, but not too tightly, so to avoid damage when unpacking them.

5. If you books are of value, wrap each one individually in plain tissue paper for extra protection. Do not use coloured/printed paper or bubble wrap as these may mark your books.

If you are moving a library that is off high value or contains historic or rare books, it is best to get the professionals in to prepare and pack these books for transit on your behalf, as this will ensure that the books are packed safely.

These 5 top moving tips will help ensure that your books are ready to read again on arrival to their new home.