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Top 5 Tips For Students Moving Into Halls

28 Apr 2016

Top 5 Tips For Students Moving Into Halls
Come Mid-September each year we have a fleet of emotional parents taking over the roads, as they drive their kids to university in a car that we all know wasn’t made to carry so many belongings.

When the time does come to move your belongings from home into university halls it can be an extremely stressful time for all parties involved. Here at Bishop's Move we have over 165 years of experience in packing, therefore, we suggest you follow our tips to ensure you can make this experience as stress-free as you possibly can.   

1. Pack Efficiently

Efficiency is always beneficial in anything you do. And when it comes to packing it is no different. If you can efficiently pack all of your belongings, it will allow you to take up less room and still manage to fit a greater volume of your possessions into each of your boxes. If you are able to pack efficiently it will create more space for you to pack the car, making the whole situation much less of a squeeze. You might even gain yourself some additional leg room doing this.

2. Managing Your Boxes

Managing your boxes correctly is very important to remember, for instance ensuring you’re able to group similar items together. This includes the likes of toiletries, clothes, stationary etc. all in their own box.  By doing this you will save yourself a lot of time when you unpack, due to the ability to find all that you’re looking for in one place. Secondly, there is labelling your boxes, this is essential to packing, as by knowing what is in each of your boxes it’s a massive timesaver when you know exactly what is in each box. Otherwise, you could be spending a lot longer trying to unpack all your belongings than you really need to. 

3. Pack Your Belongings Backwards

When you begin to pack into boxes, a useful tip is to pack your least important items into that box first, therefore, this will mean that your more important possessions will end up at the top of the boxes. This will make it much easier to access them. Instead of having to clear out all of your clothes just to get to your phone charger that you tucked in the bottom of the box. This can not only make unpacking a bit easier for you but it can also allow you to unpack more efficiently as you can sort all the imperative bits out first, before getting stuck into the rest. 

4. Don’t Over Pack

It is very important that you do not over-pack your boxes, as even though you want to pack all of your belongings into as few boxes as you can, overloading your boxes could make them too heavy to lift, cause damage to the box or to the items inside due to the amount you’ve squeezed into them. Not to mention that rooms in halls are not overly spacious, therefore, we suggest you pack the essentials that you are definitely going to need throughout the course of the year. It is also vital to make sure you have the correct boxes to support what you are carrying inside them, for example for toiletries, I would advise a plastic container rather than the old-fashioned cardboard box as if anything was to leak plastic would not be weakened by this, though cardboard may be affected. 

5. Create a Checklist

With so much to organise, you’re bound to have a million different things going on in your head. So to ensure that you do not forget anything we suggest you create your very own checklist. This way you can make a note of everything you need to pack, from documentation to different electronic accessories and what selection of clothes you are going to be taking. This way when it comes to packing everything you will know what exactly you need to get washed, try and find and then eventually pack. 

With these 5 tips, we hope to help you have a much more enjoyable and stress-free ‘moving day’. Our last tip, well, not so much as a tip, but as a word of advice, make sure whatever you pack you leave enough room in the car for your  Mum and Dad, I don’t think they’ll take too kindly to the fact that they can’t come with you because you’ve packed all 34 pairs of shoes you have.

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