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The Hidden Costs of Using a Man with a Van

08 Feb 2018

The Hidden Costs of Using a Man with a Van
The Hidden Costs of Using a Man with a Van
The biggest hidden cost of using a man with a van is finding out that they don’t have any insurance to cover any potential damage to your belongings. This could leave you with huge costs to replace items and there are plenty of other reasons you should consider a removal company.
Moving to a new house is always a complicated process, full of costs and more stress than you probably bargained for. There are many ways to reduce these stresses and complications, but one thing you should never do is try and cut costs by hiring a man with a van rather than a BAR Approved Removals Company.
While a man with a van can seem quite convenient, cheap and ideal, there are a number of hidden costs lurking beneath the surface when you choose to have one move your precious belongings. Their hourly rate might seem too good to be true – and it probably is. In our blog we’ll walk you through the hidden costs of using a man with a van, both financial and sentimental.

Lack of Specialist Knowledge
In most instances, a man with a van is not a specially trained removals professional. This means that when it comes to priceless or specialty items, such as art, antiques, oversized or fragile items, they do not know the proper method for handling and moving these items. It’s also unlikely that a man with a van will be available to pack your items for you, and even less likely that they have been trained on the proper methods and materials to use for packing specific items. If a man with a van doesn’t know how to properly handle an item, it’s more likely that accidental damage will occur.
When working with a BAR approved removals company, the individuals packing and moving your items have been specially trained and possess in depth knowledge of proper packing materials and removals methods for all items, including large furniture, paintings, and small, delicate items.
No Insurance
Many man with a van firms do not have the correct insurance – sometimes, they don’t have any insurance at all. In the event that they drop or damage one of your precious belongings, having no insurance means that you are in no way protected. This means that the man with a van is not liable for reimbursing you the value of the damaged item or arranging to have the item repaired or replaced. You would be left to deal with the costs yourself, and depending on the value of the items damaged, lost or broken, you could be looking at costs in the thousands… and you’ll still have to pay for the cost of the removal.
BAR approved removals firms always have the proper insurance to protect you and your belongings. And in the event that something does go wrong, there is also an ombudsman to turn to and help you resolve any issues. You should make sure your removal firm has the following insurance;
  • Public Liability Insurance – this will cover any damage to your new home, such as scuff marks or scratches to walls
  • Goods in Transit Insurance – this covers your belongings should any accidental damage occur during the transportation
  • Employers Liability Insurance – this covers the actual removers should any injury take place
  • CMR – you should also make sure that they have this specific removal insurance that all EU movers should have before quoting
Safe and Proper Vehicles
When moving your belongings, it’s not only during the packing and handling stage that they can get damaged. A lot can also go wrong once your items have been loaded into the van and are being transported to your new home. Ensuring that the van is suitable for home removals is very important. In many cases, a vehicle used by a man with a van isn’t specialised for this purpose, and the vehicle itself may not be in good condition. This can jeopardise the arrival of your belongings at your new home and can allow them to get damaged along the way.
However, a BAR approved removals company must ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained and that they meet specific standards. Many BAR approved removal companies use vans that have custom fittings and floors that are ideal for moving household items.
Lower Standards of Service
Because BAR approved removals companies are held accountable by a governing body, they are required to meet certain standards of service. For example, any removals company that is BAR approved must make sure that their advertising is clear and not misleading, and must also provide clear pricing and time tables for work to be carried out.
Typically, a man with a van is not held to these standards, and therefore doesn’t meet them. This could mean that on moving day, they do not arrive on time, which could cause problems with for the buyers of your house. If you are still there and they are waiting to move in, it can get messy.
You can also sometimes have a bit of a surprise when it comes the final price. Because a man with a van isn’t usually specially trained they can take a lot longer than a professional removals company, so the price can quite easily rack up quickly. Furthermore, because a man with a van may not be legally bound to provide or honour an agreed price, you could end up paying far more than you anticipated.
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