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No Room? No Problem – Make Everything Fit into a Small House

30 Jan 2018

No Room? No Problem – Make Everything Fit into a Small House
Life accumulates stuff, and at a certain stage, we all find ourselves running out of space for all of it.

This is especially true if you live in a smaller home. Short of building an extension to keep all your belongings in, it can be difficult to think of a way to solve your space problems.

However, there are a lot of ways to get creative with storage hacks in small spaces. Our blog offers a number of ways you can create and maximise space in order to fit a lot of stuff into a small house.

 Be ruthless

One of the easiest ways to make more stuff fit into your small house is by simply organising the items you have. We’re all guilty of cramming items into drawers and cupboards just to get them out of sight. But by neatly folding, stacking and otherwise organising items in drawers and cupboards, you’ll find that you’re able to fit a lot more in them.

But you’ll eventually meet your limits, no matter how tidy you are. So, you’ll have to be ruthless. This means continually staying on top of items that find their way into your home and consistently decluttering and remaining organised.

 Maximise the space you do have

There are lots of ways to maximise the storage space you do have. For kitchens and bathrooms, invest in cupboard and drawer organisers to make the most of these already existing storage spaces.

Wardrobes and closets are areas that tend to get overstuffed and disorganised. A quick makeover with a few fixes can offer you a lot more storage space, though. If you have a built-in wardrobe, a small drawer unit can be placed inside for extra shoe, accessory or clothing storage. Extra shelving can also be installed so you can stack more clothing or items in small organiser boxes.

Freestanding wardrobes are a little trickier to create extra space in, but there are ways. Make use of hooks on the inside of your wardrobe to hang bags, hats or coats. You can also install these on the exterior side of your wardrobe for extra space. Shoe organisers are another great way to maximise space in your wardrobe and can be used for items other than shoes, such as socks, pants and t-shirts.

 Utilise vertical space

Never underestimate the power of vertical space. We often take up every available inch of floor space but ignore the usable space on our walls. Installing large shelving systems or built-ins on your walls are excellent and obvious ways to add storage. Floating shelves are another, stylish way to make use of vertical space, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

In the kitchen, you can make use of vertical space by hanging utensils on a mounted rack, hooks, or even using the ceiling with a pan rack. This will free up drawer and cupboard space of bulky items so you have more room for other important kitchen gadgets.

Vertical space can also be useful for electronics. Mounting your television on the wall or placing your stereo on a shelf can save a lot of space. You can also choose wall-mounted lighting rather than floor lamps or table lamps, which all take up space that you could use to store other items.

 Find hidden storage spots

When looking for more places to utilise as storage, don’t forget to think outside of the box. For example, you might already be making use of the space under your bed for storage, but did you know you can get bed raisers to actually increase the usable space beneath it? Or, if you’re in the market for a new bed, it might be best to opt for a divan style with built-in storage.

Don’t forget to make use of areas such as the top of the wardrobe or bookshelves. These spots are ideal to use storage boxes or baskets. To really create out-of-the-way storage, you could install a floating shelf all around the perimeter of the room just below the ceiling. This is a perfect solution for storing books and looks very stylish.  

 Make it look bigger

You might find that when you’re working to fit a lot of items in a small home (even if you’re organised and tidy), the space can feel small. With a few simple décor tips, you can keep the room from feeling overwhelming and too closed in.

For small spaces that you want to make feel big, opt for light paint colours. White, pale grey, and other hues at the lighter end of the colour spectrum will immediately make a room feel more open.

Choosing to hang mirrors over paintings or photos can also make a space feel larger, as it catches the light and reflects it around the room. Finally, avoid bulky window treatments like curtains. Small and lightweight treatments, like wooden or roller blinds, will not take up wall space and fill up the room.


By following these tips, you should find that you’re able to fit a lot more stuff in your small home while staying organised. If you’re still struggling to find enough space for everything, our self storage services might be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more.