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The Best Expat Blogs

07 Aug 2013

The Best Expat Blogs
One of the most prominent concerns we hear from people moving abroad is how they’ll make a community of their own once they arrive in their new location.

Trying to establish new social groups, figuring out where to meet people (particularly if the new location speaks a different language than your home country) and how to figure out if there are any particular cultural issues, other people making a similar journey have found, is going to be much simpler if you know where to look. Pinpointing where to start looking for more information about moving abroad or being a part of a community in a new home can seem daunting, but there is a wealth of readily accessible advice and support that already exists to help you online. The trick is to find it, and to help you out we’ve compiled a list of the best expat bloggers.

There are two kinds of expat sites or blogs. One has been created as a place where expats from all over the world can come to share their thoughts in a forum, find other resources and discover blogs about a particular location. The other style of expat blog is a personal one, which focuses on one person’s reflections on moving to a new place. We’ve selected a number of each below.

Expats Blog
Expats Blog is a great resource as they have compiled a list of many different independent blogs. They are sorted by country making it very easy to find exactly which country you’d like to learn more about. They also feature a news section, highlighting stories that might impact expats or foreigners in other countries.

Expat Blog
Expat Blog features weekly interviews with expats, and provides in-depth articles on a variety of topics like study, removals and communications. They also feature a forum so that you can interact with others in your situation. Each month they feature one blog from their directory as Blog of the Month.

British Expats
Focussing specifically on expats from Britain, they offer a classified section, meet ups, and pages dedicated to international locations where Brits end up. They also offer resources on moving back to the UK.

Internations is a site that helps its members find fellow expats and compatriots. Once users register, they’re offered a huge variety of information about their new country, as well as the ability to contact other users in a similar situation.

Expat Network
Expat network has a variety of jobs available on its site, as well as lots of newsworthy information about where most people are choosing to move to. This site focuses mainly on the employment aspects of moving abroad or living as an expat.

Expatriates has a wealth of information available, including bulletin boards in many cities around the world, resources, guides, and reference materials, and a variety of ads posted by other expats including language exchanges, items for sale and available housing.

Expat Women
Expat Women caters for women and families and features interviews with successful expats, and a regularly updated blog. The website is temporarily unavailable during early 2015 however they have released a book, and they have a database of over 2,000 blogs that feature personal accounts of life as an expat.

We also really like the following personal blogs about life abroad:
The stories of a Brit living in Tennessee, this blog features lots of lovely photos of gardens and what life is like in the American countryside.
This is a beautiful blog of photos and travels of a British couple in New Zealand.
Written by a man living in the UAE, it’s full of interesting information about his life and news of the Gulf region.
Focussing on what it’s like to move to Australia, this blog is full of beautiful photos of the couple’s adventures.

If you are thinking of moving abroad or have recently become an expat - let us know what sites and blogs helped you the most.