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The Best Countries You Can Move to in 2022

28 Feb 2022

The Best Countries You Can Move to in 2022

Is 2022 the year you’ve decided to make the biggest change of all? Moving away from the country where you were born and have lived your whole life is a huge decision. But taking a big leap could bring you huge rewards in the form of a better quality of life, wherever you end up. It’s all very well to decide to take the plunge, but you must now choose where you are setting your sights.

For some, it might be a simple question: What is the best country in the world? While a simple question, one definitive answer simply isn’t possible. What you may think makes the best country to live in may be completely different to what your friends, family, and strangers value in a place to live. In addition, limitations affecting UK citizens after Brexit have consequences on just how easy it is to move abroad. The following countries are, according to a range of factors, the best countries to move to in 2022 for UK nationals.

Sunset over city in Spain

Spain has always been an extremely popular location for Brits looking to move away from the UK, even in the years following our exit from the European Union. Moving to Spain from the UK  offers a more relaxed way of living, which can be a welcome change to the fast pace of life here, particularly in our capital. The excellent weather, expat-friendly services, and ease of purchasing property are all pull factors, not to mention the relative ease of obtaining a visa to permit residence in Spain. The low cost of living will also surprise you and the concentration of other expats in certain cities is great for making new friends.

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Australia rock formations along a beach

Though the distance may be daunting right now, Australia is without a doubt one of the best countries to move to from the UK in 2022. One huge benefit to moving to Australia over countries in Europe is that the language barrier is practically non-existent for Brits moving down under. While there is a strict immigration programme in place, it is an efficient system, meaning the moving process is easier than in other international locations. 

Brits looking for somewhere with a sunnier climate and a culture more oriented around exercise and fitness will be hugely satisfied living in Australia. It is also one of the top places to live according to the Human Development Report from the UN - tied with the Netherlands in 8th place. Education in this large country is hugely important and of high quality, meaning your children will be well supported while in the Australian education system.



Fields of purple flowers in France

A lot closer to home, France is also considered to be a great country to live in in 2022. Home to one of the largest concentrations of British-born people, the strong economy and excellent education system means it is a land rich with opportunities for those willing to move to find it. With exquisite food and drink and a great work-life balance, expats moving to France will also benefit from one of the best healthcare systems in the world. 

Whether you choose the north of France, which shares remarkable similarities with the UK, or the more relaxed and rural south, a move to France would be a move to one of the best countries to live in. France is also praised as being one of the best countries recovering from the pandemic.


United Arab Emirates

Beaches of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

Another country seen to be recovering well from the Covid-19 pandemic, the United Arab Emirates is an excellent place for UK expats to live, particularly Dubai. While not cheap, it continues to be fairly simple for UK citizens to gain a visa to live here. 

There are few restrictions when it comes to acquiring property here, which is mainly comprised of luxurious modern complexes and the tax-free nature of wages make living and working in Dubai an excellent choice for UK expats. Be aware that the culture of the United Arab Emirates is largely Arabian, with the official state religion being Islam. While there will be services running in English, Arabic is the official language of the country, and cultural life in Dubai tends to revolve around Muslim traditions. 

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