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The Advantages of Using Self Storage Whilst Moving

11 May 2022

The Advantages of Using Self Storage Whilst Moving
Moving home can be a mammoth task.

With so much to organise, juggling both taking care and moving out from your old house as well as preparing your new living environment to be everything you and your family need. Home viewings, packing up, and even cleaning your old home are difficult with disorganised clutter taking up unnecessary space.

This is exactly where self storage can help. Take a look at some of the ways that self storage can help you and your family move house as smoothly as possible.


1. House Viewings

While finding your next dream home, you are also tasked with putting your current house up on the market for sale. Some real estate companies can take care of the complexities of this process, however house viewings are an unavoidable step in the home-selling process. To make your home more inviting to possible buyers, decluttering is an excellent decision. 

Without leaving your home empty, visitors should be able to imagine their own belongings stored in your home, not be overwhelmed by the number of items littering the rooms. Decluttering your home before the home-viewing process begins can be a huge help, meaning your home can be sold faster and perhaps even for a higher price. With self storage advantages, you can simply pack excess items away rather than having to throw away prized possessions. To help further, take a look at our tips for making your home extra sellable.


2. In-Between Stages

When moving home, people often become part of what’s known as a chain. This is where many people move at the same time, each moving into a house left behind by someone who is also moving. This can lead to issues when so-called links in the chain are broken. For example, the sale of your old home may fall through, or your new home might not be vacated by the current residents on schedule. There are a million things that could go wrong, all of which could leave you in limbo.

With self storage, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are safe and sound in a secure storage facility, allowing you to navigate the complexities of your next steps. Flexible self storage solutions allow you and your family to have total peace of mind, even if the worst should happen.


Family talking to a real estate agent on a house viewing in a decluttered home.


3. Unpacking At Your Own Pace

Another huge part of moving home is settling in. It’s extremely difficult to feel at home in your new environment with boxes filling the hallways and doorways. Unpacking each room can feel like a huge challenge when you have to empty each space before getting started. If on moving day you can just focus on getting your bulky furniture in, the rest can remain in storage.

From a storage unit, you can move into your new home one step at a time. If it’s cleverly organised, your items can then be set up exactly how you want them, without needing to tiptoe around the rest of your belongings while you unpack. This is a great way to identify which belongings you can live without in your new home, allowing decluttering while you unpack.


4. Work Still To Be Done

It’s also not uncommon that you have big plans for your home. Perhaps a wall needs paintings, carpets need changing, or maybe even just a house-wide clean. With all your belongings already in your new space, this could become difficult. Furniture might become ruined with paint, and any sort of refurbishment becomes ten times more difficult when you’re constantly moving boxes of items around. 

If there’s work still to be done before you can properly move into your new home, self storage advantages can lend a helping hand. Give yourself a little more space and time before moving all your items in by storing them in a flexible, secure, and affordable storage unit.


A family sorting out moving boxes when moving out.


5. Combining Households or Downsizing

Going into a move, you might already know that you and your family have too much stuff to fit into your new home. Whether this is the first time you’re moving in with your partner and their family or if you’re moving into a smaller property, you’ll find that you have excess stuff. After all, who needs two of everything?

When moving house, self storage can be a great way of taking a breather and moving in bit by bit. Taking it slow means you can have a good overview of what items are needed and which could be thrown away, sold, or recycled. 

Secure storage solutions from Bishop’s Move offer convenient and flexible self storage, wherever you’re moving. You’re the only one with access to your belongings, providing 24/7 safety and security for all your prized possessions. And when storing with Bishop’s Move, you’ll only pay for what you need, nothing more. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.