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Preparing Your Home for Christmas Guests

12 Dec 2016

Preparing Your Home for Christmas Guests
Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year as you try to get around and see all of your family and friends in a short space of time.

One way you can make this easier is to invite everyone round to your home on Christmas. But this can also have its downside, as it can be stressful preparing food for everyone or finding the space to fit everyone in your home.

If you’ve recently moved and this is your first Christmas in the new home, then the task can be made even more difficult. You will likely be buying decorations and getting things ready for the big day. But if you’re not sure on how best to prepare your home for Christmas visitors, then we have some top tips that can help.

Put things away

We all have plenty of clutter in our home and we often like to have things in easy reach. But if you’re expecting a lot of people at Christmas then you will have to tidy some of these belongings away to make sure you have enough space. With a lot of people squeezing into tight spaces, belongings can often get knocked over and broken by accident. Therefore, it is a good idea to put valuable items away as a precaution to avoid the items being damaged. If there are young children coming then make sure you put away anything that could cause harm. Try to put away large or bulky items that take up a lot of room too, to gain more space for your guests.

Sleeping arrangements

If you have guests that are coming from a long way then you might need to consider sleeping arrangements. Make sure that you have the space to put people up if they are planning on staying, as you won’t want the hassle of sorting it out on the day. If you have a spare room then you should make sure it is ready and prepared for guests in advance. It’s likely that you will use your spare room as an office or dumping ground for things that need sorting, so you will need to get this ready for your guests. Set aside some time to get the room ready in advance and make sure it is clean. Make the bed with fresh bed sheets and air the room out to make sure it doesn’t smell musky. Turn the radiator on to make sure it’s working properly and provide your guests with enough comfort.


One of the most important rooms over the Christmas period will be the bathroom. There’s no doubt that your guests will want to use the bathroom during their stay, and possibly when they arrive if they’ve had a long journey. You should make the bathroom a priority and set aside some time to clean it before your guests arrive. You should also make sure that towels and toiletries are in easy reach for people to use when they are staying. It might even be a good idea to place some clean towels in your guest bedroom for them to use. Why not dig out those leftover hotel toiletries or travel ones that you haven’t used and give them to your guests. You should also make sure that there are plenty of toilet rolls at hand in the toilet.


Above all, make sure that you embrace the festive period and spread some cheer. It only comes round once a year, so don’t try to stress too much about your guests. If you are still looking to move into a new home before Christmas or in the New Year, then make sure you get in touch with Bishop’s Move.