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National Removal Companies - Reasons why you should use one

29 Sep 2016

National Removal Companies - Reasons why you should use one
When looking for national removal companies to move home or business with there are various factors that you should assess prior to choosing them.

Are they affiliated with any trade association? Do they offer customers a professional relocation service? Do they provide insurance just in case the unexpected happens? Have they actually got a physical network of branches across the UK, or just implying that they do?

Is your removal company actually a 'national removals company'?
The first thing to check is that the removals company actually does have physical locations across the UK. Unfortunately, many smaller removals companies profess to have a national coverage but in reality, they do not have the fleet or offices to support this.

Bishop's Move has over 20 branches across the UK, from Edinburgh to Exeter, including Cardiff, London, York and Portsmouth - and many more in between. This is important to both domestic and business customers, as it meant that you will get the unrivalled knowledge of a local company supported by the professionalism of a national removals company. The staff in the area you are moving to will actually know what the roads are like, whether it is easy to park a large removal van near your new home, or what permits need to be attained from the council to make sure your business relocation runs smoothly.

Do they provide adequate insurance?
Many removals companies only supply their customers insurance that only protects against their own liability. This is normally useless if you find that the china you carefully packed and wrapped has been broken on route to your new home.

We are one of the few national removal companies that offer customers complete peace of mind with removals insurance that completely covers all aspects of your move, from home removals to marine shipping. 

How professional are they?
Whilst most local removals companies are good, it is very easy in the UK to buy a van and set up as a 'removals company', selling your services with no professional training or skills. In comparison, a national removals company will have invested in its staff, both in the office and on the vans.

Bishop's Move professionally trains its removal teams for all eventualities - they can undertake health and safety assessments on-site and professional pack your belongings in a safe and efficient manner. 

Are they affiliated to a good trade association?
Lastly, a good national removals company will be affiliated to the British Association of Removers (BAR). There are other trade organisations in the UK, but this is the one that sets the highest standards of service in the removals and storage industry. Affiliates of the BAR have to operate to the best level of removal service, which will mean that you, the customer, will receive the best service - from moving, packing and storage. The BAR will also act as an ombudsman should anything untoward happen which you cannot resolve direct with your chosen removal company.

In brief, a national removals company should provide the following:

  • A home survey with an experienced moving consultant
  • A free quotation with legally relevant terms and conditions
  • Competent packing services from professionally trained staff
  • DBS checked staff
  • Secure storage solutions at all their locations across the UK
  • Removals insurance to provide you with adequate protection
  • Provision of home removals, European and international relocations, and business services
  • Be affiliated to at least one trade organisation

Bishop's Move has been operating as a national removals company since it was founded in 1854. You can rest assured that we will have a local branch near you that can undertake your home move, whether you are moving just down the road or 100 miles away. The same branch will also be able to undertake moves to Europe and any worldwide destination, all with the same friendly, local service, but added stability that by being a part of a national removals company can only provide.

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