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Moving to Cornwall: What You Need To Know

08 Dec 2021

Moving to Cornwall: What You Need To Know

For those seeking stunning natural landscapes and charming village life, Cornwall is a popular place to visit, and more and more people choose to move to this unique area of the British Isles. Farmers and tourists alike enjoy Cornwall’s outstanding natural areas of beauty, gorgeous beaches, and quaint towns. This area is one of the most populous areas in the UK, and the people living in Cornwall will likely boast about the picture perfect scenery, but is it worth moving to Cornwall? If you are on the fence about the move, we have put together a list of important things to know about the county before making the big decision. 


Pace Of Living

People moving to Cornwall from large cities in the UK will note, first of all, of the significant change in the pace of living. The distance from London and other notable business centres leave a more relaxed and calm way of life. For some, this is a welcome change of pace, and offers many benefits to physical and mental health. However, if you are accustomed to a more exciting lifestyle, you should carefully consider how this will affect your life.

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Bustling Summers & Lonely Winters

A factor that will largely affect daily life is the tourist industry in Cornwall. Often, unfortunately for locals, a large contributor to the Cornish economy involves summer visitors from the rest of the UK flocking to the mildest part of the country for a quarter of the year. This can cause traffic congestion and frustration on smaller country roads, with which Cornwall is abundant. When living in Cornwall, you must be prepared to deal with these bustling summers.

What’s more, winter can bring a completely different side out of Cornwall. When the tourists have gone home, the areas of natural beauty and the small towns can feel emptier than ever. A combination of the empty streets and bad weather can make the South East of England a rather cold and dark place. But with the landscapes to themselves, many locals prefer this time of year and make the most of the colder and wetter months.



Some people living in Cornwall think of the county as its own country. Traditions and unique cuisine, such as the Cornish pasty, are embedded in Cornish life and you will notice these quickly. The Cornish language is an ancient language spoken by a small percentage of people, and is sometimes taught in nursery and primary schools. Being respectful of Cornish traditions and the language when moving to Cornwall will help you to become a part of the local community.


Settling In To The Community

For people who have recently moved to Cornwall, there can be a sense of being outsiders to the community. Close-knit towns and adversity to the tourist traffic can mean that locals tend to be wary of newer arrivals to their shores. However, this isn’t always the case. It might be that smaller and sparsely populated towns pose difficulties when it comes to making friends, but modern life brings a wealth of ways to settle into the community. Picking up new hobbies, joining clubs, and just reaching out over the internet can be great ways to make friends and really become a local in Cornwall.


“Middle Of Nowhere”

If you are moving to Cornwall, you will realise that it is as far away from the rest of England as you can get. This means that connections to London and other areas of the country can be tenuous. With one main train line into Cornwall and two main roads, public transport can be an unreliable way to travel within and outside of the county. Services such as Uber and food delivery networks may also not be as advanced as those in larger cities. But being in “the middle of nowhere” does have it’s advantages.


New Activities

The slower pace of life and the smaller towns does not mean that living in Cornwall is boring. The fascinating landscapes and natural beaches offer a whole new world of activities. Surfing, hiking, and other sports can be great ways to stay active while meeting people in your new community. Getting involved in these local activities, or even just having a go, can allow you to really get to know where you’re living. 

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