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Decorating for Christmas When Your House is Up For Sale

08 Dec 2021

Decorating for Christmas When Your House is Up For Sale

If you’ve ever put your house on the market before, you’re bound to have received some very mixed advice. One estate agent might tell you to make sure nothing feels too personal so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there, while a friend might say it’s best to ensure the house feels welcoming and homey with personal touches. If you’ve found the situation baffling, you might also be wondering about decorating for Christmas when your house is up for sale over the holiday period. 

It comes back to the conflict above - striking the perfect balance between ensuring the house feels homey and welcoming, but not too personal. If you plan to have your house on the market with viewings over the Christmas season, we’re not about to tell you to skip out on Santa - you can absolutely decorate! However, there are a few rules we’d recommend you stick to to ensure viewers aren’t overwhelmed. 


Keep it simple

If you look at things from a viewer’s perspective, you can see they might find it odd if you have no Christmas decorations up in your house. Besides, your house is still your home until it’s sold, and of course you want to enjoy the holidays as much as you can. We’d encourage you to go ahead and decorate, but keep it simple. Ensure your colour schemes are not too loud or overbearing, and do what you can to make sure your Christmas tree decor matches the rest of your home. 

Avoid having Christmas presents under the tree during viewings, mainly to keep things from looking cluttered. Instead, put them out on Christmas Eve when you’re unlikely to have any viewings anyway. 

Think about your outside décor as well. It’s probably best to avoid inflatable characters that hang limp and sad throughout the day, and instead opt for some simple lights along guttering and in the hedges. You’ll also want to avoid artificial snow spray in your windows, as this will detract from views and also make the rooms feel smaller and darker, which is the last impression you want to give potential buyers. 

Scale back

Focus on a few key elements, those that are the most important to you, rather than putting out every single piece of Christmas décor you have. The Christmas tree, lights in windows, a tasteful garland on the mantelpiece and stairs with the odd stocking and wreath is probably about as far as you want to go. 

Opt out of covering your home in paper chains and snowflakes, loads of tinsel and hanging Christmas cards from family and friends. This can all be a bit overwhelming, clash with your décor and also make your rooms feel smaller than they actually are. Sticking to a few high powered décor elements will ensure that it still feels like Christmas in your home without any drawbacks when it comes to property viewings 

Pack away the handmade décor

Most of us have cherished ornaments and Christmas pictures or paintings made by children or grandchildren. But trust us, the macaroni Santa picture frame and feathered-paper Christmas tree aren’t simple decor elements, and are best tucked away during the holidays. If you’re ready to tackle your big move over the holidays, get in touch with our team of home removals experts.