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Moving Abroad With Your Pet

05 Jul 2019

Moving Abroad With Your Pet
If you are planning on moving to another country then it can be an extremely difficult process with a lot to prepare and sort out.

But this can be complicated even further if you have a family pet that you want to make the move with you. But this is often a process that many people have never been through so you might be wondering whether you can bring your pet with you at all. Well, there are some things you need to do first but you can actually take your pet with you when you move abroad. We have put together a guide to moving abroad with your pet and detailed exactly what you will need for the move.

First Consider What’s Best For Your Pet

Although this might seem like a strange tip, you should decide whether your pet would be better staying put than coming with you abroad. Of course, you don’t want to part with your pet and you might think that it is always best that they stay with you, but this may not always be the case. If your pet is particularly old or volatile then they might not fare well with a long trip to another country. Changes in climate and environment can be extremely stressful for your pet so you should think about leaving them with a relative or friend if you are unsure how they will handle the trip.

Have You Got a Pet Passport?

If you have never been abroad with your pet before then you might not know that you need the relevant documentation for them to travel. Just like people, your pet will need it’s very own passport to certify that it is fit to travel and free from illness and disease. To be eligible for a pet passport your animal must be microchipped and needs to have a rabies vaccination at least 30 days before you depart. Your vet will then award you with a fit to fly certificate and pet passport so that your animal is ready to travel without any issues.

What About Pet Transportation Services?

Even if you have all of the relevant documentation then there are still some more bits of paperwork that you need to sort out before taking your pet abroad. Making sure that you have every piece of paperwork can be stressful and leave you with the possibility of missing your flight. But there are ways that you can avoid the stress by hiring a pet transportation service to help make sure you don’t run into any issues. Not only can they help with the actual end to end transportation but they can also provide more information about special requirements in the country you are travelling to.

What About Natural Remedies for Your Pet?

Even after all of the relevant documents are in place you might still be concerned about how well your pet will handle travelling if they often get quite stressed. But there are some natural remedies that can help relax your pet for the journey so they don’t get too stressed out. This is different for each animal but your vet should be able to recommend some natural remedies and products that can help as a relaxant to calm down your pet. Get in touch with them and see what they have to say if you are worried about your pet flying.

Tips for Travelling with Different Animals

You might also be looking for tips to travel with specific animals as each animal has a different temperament and can be quite different from one another when travelling. We have put together some tips for travelling with these animals below;

  • Dogs; crates can be a great way to travel with your dog but some dogs don't like being closed in too tightly. Make sure you get a crate with enough space when moving abroad with your dog so that they have enough room and are not panicked when travelling.
  • Cats; they can be somewhat easier than dogs and cats don't mind travelling in smaller spaces usually. Make sure you leave your cat something to play with when travelling so that they don't get too frustrated on the long journey.
  • Reptiles; if you plan on travelling a long way with reptiles then the biggest challenge you are likely to face is keeping the right temperature for your reptiles. This can be a challenge over long distance if they do not have a heat source so you might need to seek the help of specialists.
  • Birds; if you are travelling with a bird then you should also make sure that they are kept at the right temperature during the trip. Birds can get particularly stressed so it is important you consult with a vet before moving. Make sure that they have some toys and things to keep them entertained.


By following these tips you should be able to make sure that your pet is safe and comfortable when travelling abroad. Don’t forget to provide your pet with a familiar toy or blanket for the trip so that they feel calm during the journey.

If you are looking to move abroad and want to take your pets with you, get in touch with our international team today.