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How to select the right local removals company for you

19 Jun 2013

How to select the right local removals company for you

Bishop's Move have been in the removals business for over 155 years and we know that you should never under-estimate the amount of physical and mental organisation that is required when moving house. 

Packing boxes is just the beginning. There's also carrying them in and out of the house, lifting heavy items, packing that priceless heirloom or just knowing how to get that large sofa through the door - and we haven't even managed transporting your items safely or unpacking at your new home. 

This is why we've put together this simple guide on how to select the right local removals company for you.

  1. Get a number of quotes

    Make sure that you get at least 2 professional quotes well in advance of any proposed completion date. Good removals companies get booked up quite a few weeks in advance - and the popular months of July and August get booked up very quickly.

  2. Compare the price to the actual service you will receive 

    You may have a budget already in mind, but don't just jump for the cheapest price. Check the particulars of the quote first - does it include full or part packing? Will they unpack at your new home? Is insurance included?

  3. Ask for a free home survey

    A home assessment from a professional sales estimator or moving consultant will give you the most accurate quote and should make the best local removals company shine. Our free video home survey makes it simple for our friendly specialist to assess your home moving needs.

  4. Avoid the "cowboys".

    Make sure that the moving company you are considering is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) - they operate the highest Code of Practice in the removals industry. Remember - "a man and van" might seem the most cost-effective, but it can leave you in a pile of trouble (read our previous blog : "5 reasons why you should use a BAR approved removals company instead of a man and van")

  5. By recommendation

    If a friend or family member have moved house recently and can give a positive recommendation for a local removals company, then this is always worth following. They may even give you a "friends and family" style discount.

  6. Select by what you are moving
    If you are moving priceless antiques or artworks, then you need to select a removals company that has professionally trained packers. They will be able to wrap and pack your valuables into bespoke crates so that they are safe to transport. Pianos can be extremely tricky to move, especially steel frame ones - so make sure that your removals company has the staff, equipment and experience in moving pianos. Statues may need specialist moving equipment, as well as bespoke crating, that may have to be hired in for the move.

  7. How "local" are your local removals company?
    Most removals companies online boost of a national network and being local to you - but many simply do not have the branch network to support this. Check how much local knowledge your removals company actually has, this is of particular importance if the removal team are traveling from 70 miles away to undertake your move. (Bishop's Move is one of the largest removals companies in the UK with over 20 branches across the UK - all manned by friendly staff with excellent local knowledge.)

Hopefully these 7 points will help guide you towards selecting the right local removals company for you.