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How to Embrace Home Staging for Maximum Viewer Interest

18 Jan 2017

How to Embrace Home Staging for Maximum Viewer Interest

When your home is on the market it's always reassuring to have lots of requests for viewings. But what do you do when those viewers show no further interest? In some cases, you might conclude that your home is overpriced; although, as the housing market remains buoyant and prices continue to rise, it's worth considering other factors first. 

If you're struggling to sell, we recommend taking an objective look at the way your home is presented. When viewing houses, personal clutter and scruffy furnishings can be extremely distracting to viewers. This emphasis on first impressions has recently developed into a new trend, known as 'home staging.' Although it does involve some effort, this technique can not only speed up the selling process, but also add value to your home. Here's the low-down...


What is Home Staging?

Home staging is about making your property look its best; you'll highlight its strengths and downplay its weaknesses, so that it's appealing to the largest number of potential buyers. In other words, you want to create an environment that anyone can imagine living in. 

It's not only messy homes that can benefit from home staging, as even everyday clutter can put buyers off. Magazines and piles of paper might seem like superficial details, but they can make a huge difference to how viewers see your home. And the same goes for having too many family photos on your walls. Not only can these items make your home feel smaller than it is, but they can also prevent the viewer from imagining living in the space if it looks too personal. 


Where Should I Start?

You should start by working your way through each room in your home, clearing away excess clutter and throwing out and items you no longer want. In some cases, it might also be a good idea to look at your furniture and see whether any of it could be put into storage. Remember, the more you have in each room, the smaller the space will look. 

Next, you should make a list of maintenence jobs that also need doing, such as mending peeling wallpaper or touching up scuffed paint. As a general rule, neutral colours sell better, so you might even consider repainting your home if it's likely the decoration might not be to everyone's taste.

And finally, don't forget to venture outside. The front porch and garden are the first and last areas viewers will see when they view your property. Make sure these spaces are clean, tidy, and welcoming; any excess clutter or visible damage will give off a bad impression.


Why Should I Invest?

While staging your home can seem like a large investment, both in terms of time and money, it will ultimately make a huge difference to a viewer's first impressions. If your property looks tired, it might deter some buyers from making an offer. A clean and tidy home will look more appealing in photos and, therefore, generate more enquiries. What's more, it's known that staged homes sell for 8% more than non-staged homes.


If your staging efforts are successful and you manage to sell your home, you will be looking for a removals company to help you move out. Bishop’s Move has over 165 years of experience in the removal’s industry and over 25 branches nationwide. Make sure you get in touch with us today if you are looking for removal services.