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4 Reasons To Consider Removal Companies for Storage

10 Jan 2017

4 Reasons To Consider Removal Companies for Storage
Whether you are moving home, redecorating, or simply need to free up some valuable space, storage can be a great solution for many household problems.

But with so many companies on the market, offering very similar deals and often including near-identical price promise guarantees, it can be hard to know which is the right option for you.

Did you know that many removal firms across the UK also offer storage space for all your personal belongings? And that there are many benefits that they can offer, from useful additional services to professional expertise. Most people don't realise that these services are available and don’t take advantage of them. If you are currently exploring the options available to you for placing your belongings into storage, here are 4 reasons why you should consider removal firms when storing your treasured possessions.

1. Reduced Costs

There are several reasons why it can often work out much cheaper to use removal companies for your storage requirements. The first thing to note is that self-storage units often have additional facilities to manage, such as lifts, toilets, and staff areas; they also need to be highly accessible, which means dedicated staff need to be on hand to assist customers. Both of these factors can bump up the overall cost. What's more, although many self-storage companies entice new customers with great deals and low prices, the costs can often increase dramatically after the 'honeymoon' period, or if you need to make any changes to your contract, making self-storage much more expensive in the long run. However, removal companies often use storage warehouses with minimal facilities and with staff already in place, which enables them to maintain lower prices. 

2. Collection & Delivery Services

Most removal firms will collect your items from you and deliver them to the storage facility on your behalf; as items are typically taken straight into large storage containers which are put in place by professionally trained warehousemen with forklifts. Removal companies will also deliver your belongings back to you when you are ready to receive them. This simplifies the whole process for the customer as there is no need for you to try and squeeze all your belongings in the car or arrange to borrow or hire a vehicle that will be large enough - which can add to your storage costs and make storage inconvenient. You also won’t need to worry about the heavy lifting!

3. Professional Packing Materials & Expertise

Removal companies will have plenty of professional-grade removal boxes in a variety of sizes, and wrapping materials such as bubble wrap and tape. You will be able to buy these directly from the removal company at much cheaper prices than a self-store alternative, as the latter tends to put a higher markup on these essentials. Plus, you will have removal men on hand who are professionally trained to pack things properly, they have the expertise on how to carefully pack and prepare your belongings so that they come out of storage in pristine condition. Many companies will even offer to pack your items ready for storage should you need them. 

4. Convenience When Moving Home

If you're moving or planning an extensive refurbishment of your current home, you might find that you need both removal services and a storage unit. There's no simpler way to arrange this than to hire the same company to do both. They can pack your items while you decide whether you want them moved to your new home or placed in a storage unit. This can not only free up time but also make things easier, allowing you to get your new or redecorated home organised and giving you a better idea of how all your belongings will fit. 

Bear in mind, though, that you won’t be able to access your storage space with the same ease and frequency as you can with other self-storage units. So, removal companies are not ideal if you are looking to access a storage unit regularly for work or other purposes.


Depending on your requirements, removal companies can be a great alternative to self-storage units, especially if you're looking to save money and time. Bishop’s Move provides a great range of storage options from warehouse storage to self-storage via Ease the Squeeze