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How to Embrace Autumn Cleaning

04 Oct 2017

How to Embrace Autumn Cleaning
The traditional spring clean is something we all know about.

It’s the first opportunity to clear out the dust and damp gathered throughout the colder months in anticipation of warmer, sunnier days. But did you know that there are also huge benefits to embracing an autumn clean? Life moves indoors and centres around the home during the autumn and winter, so creating a clean and organised house can deliver a smooth transition into this time of year.

Autumn cleaning is also important from a health perspective. Winter conditions, including heated, recycled air, closed doors and damp weather create the perfect environment for bacteria and mould. The less dirt you start out with the better, so carrying out a good autumn clean will put your house on track to avoid this during the colder months. Here, we share a few tips to get you started on your autumn clean.


Tackle Dust and Grime

As much as we love the open-window weather of summer, along with it comes more dust and dirt. It’s important to clear this out before the colder weather, since you’re going to be spending more time indoors over the next several months. A few key areas to focus on include:

Windows: these gather a great deal of dust while open during the summer months, so a thorough clean inside and out is important. This will also keep your house feeling a little brighter during the dark winter months by allowing in more light. Don’t forget to clean window treatments, such as blinds and curtains as well

Floors: carpets and hard flooring alike can also build up with dirt over the summer, so it’s important to give them a thorough cleaning in the autumn. Move furniture and hoover or mop underneath, and make sure not to neglect corners and skirting boards

Dusting: dusting the whole house instantly makes things feel fresh and clean. Don’t forget to clear away the cobwebs, as spiders are particularly active during autumn

Chimneys: these should be swept and checked to make sure they are not only clean, but in good working order for the coming cold weather

Outdoor areas: don’t forget to tidy up the porch, patio and any other outdoor areas you use. Rain gutters and drains should also be checked and cleared to prepare for winter weather

Don’t Forget the Maintenance

Preparing your home for colder weather shouldn’t stop at cleaning. This is an ideal time to finish up any projects or make any repairs that are important before winter.

Check weather stripping around doors and windows outside to make sure they are in good condition. Ensure all fencing is sturdy enough to withstand winter weather, and that your shed is solid and waterproofed against the elements.

Take this opportunity to fix any leaky pipes, bleed the radiators, make repairs to the roof and get your boiler serviced. The last thing you want during the dead of winter is a leaky roof or broken boiler, and preparing ahead of time can save you the hassle. 


Getting Organised

A big sort out to get the house organised will mean that you’re ready for everything the autumn and winter months entail – friends, family and festivities.

Start by clearing out cupboards that are overstuffed with out of use items, or items that are particular to summer activities. Store these in the loft or shed to create room for winter boots and bulkier clothing. Pack away summer bedding and bring out your cosy winter duvet.

Put your spring and summer clothes away for the season using vacuum sealed bags or plastic storage tubs. Stowing these safely away allows room for your winter wardrobe, which tends to take up more space due to warmer, bulkier clothing.


If you find that you require extra space to store out-of-season items,get in touch with us today to learn more about what storage solutions we can offer you.