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How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree

05 Dec 2018

How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree
Christmas is fast approaching and many of you might’ve already bought your Christmas tree this year and put it up.

But one of the drawbacks of putting your Christmas tree up early is that it could end up dying before Christmas Day even arrives. Although we all want to get into the Christmas spirit, people often delay getting a tree until much closer to the big day, but this often leaves you in a mad rush. However, if you want to avoid your tree drooping and dying before Christmas, we have put together a helpful guide on how to care for a real Christmas tree.

Where to Buy a Real Christmas Tree?

It is important to make sure that you are buying your Christmas tree from a reputable garden centre, nursery or farm. Around this time of year, there are plenty of places that you can buy a real Christmas tree and plenty of places to get one cheap. But when choosing a tree it is important to make sure that it lasts all throughout the festive season and doesn’t droop or die. Freshly cut trees are farmed specifically for these purposes and you should make sure it is freshly cut when buying the tree. You can generally tell if a tree is freshly cut from the smell and colour of its needles. There shouldn’t be any needles falling off the branch either when you run your hand along it.

Tips on Caring For Your Christmas Tree

When buying a real Christmas tree, it is important to remember that it is a living tree and should be treated the same as other houseplants. After getting your tree home, you must remember to take it outside and saw a few inches of the bottom of your tree so that it can absorb water. When a tree is cut, the base is sealed when pitch oozes through the pores which makes water absorption much harder. You MUST remember to water your tree regularly too as this will help to keep it looking healthy for as long as possible. An even cut Christmas tree can consume a gallon of water in just 24 hours. Some of the top tips for caring for your Christmas tree include;

  • Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled
  • Regularly check the level, don’t let it go below the tree’s base
  • Keep the tree away from any heating or heat sources where possible
  • Ideally, keep the tree in a cool environment
  • Pack the tree with soil so that it gets nutrients from it
  • The soil should always be kept wet

Can You Reuse a Christmas Tree?

You can, of course, re-use your old Christmas tree in a number of different ways and you should make the most of the tree rather than letting it go to waste. You can cut the branches from your tree and remove the pine needles to use it sparingly to burn in a log fire. The branches will give off a festive aroma but use too many and it could become overpowering. Use the branches and needles as mulch in the garden. You could also take your tree into the garden as a haven for birds and animals. Hang pieces of fruit in the tree and it will become a place for animals to convene.