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3 Steps On How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

07 Dec 2018

3 Steps On How to Decorate a Christmas Tree
One of the most important things about the festive season is getting your Christmas tree up and decorated.

It is one of the most integral parts of the Christmas season and it isn’t truly Christmas until you have your tree up and decorated.

But there are no conventions when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree and if you have never done it you might be wondering where the best place is to start. Of course, you can decorate your tree however you choose, it is in your home of course, but we have put together a guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Take a look at some of our top tips about lights and ornaments.

Step 1: What Lights Should I Use?

One of the first steps when decorating a Christmas tree is to put the Christmas tree lights on, as this is much more difficult when you put the ornaments on the tree first. Putting the lights on first makes it much easier to get around the whole tree and put the ornaments on. But there are plenty of different styles Christmas lights to choose from, so which are the best for your tree? The most popular style of lights are as follows;

  • LED Lights; these are the newer style of Christmas lights and are the most popular style of Christmas lights now. They don’t produce heat and the bulb doesn’t blow like traditional lights
  • Incandescent Lights; these are the more traditional style of Christmas tree lights that come in a variety of colours and styles. They are typically quite cheap but they have individual bulbs that can blow and are difficult to replace.
  • Globe Lights; these are shaped more like an actual light bulb and are quite fashionable. They have a softer glow than many other Christmas lights which can also be appealing if you don’t like flashing lights.
  • Bubble Lights; these are much less common these days and are more retro, similar to a lava lamp in style. Once the liquid warms up you will see bubbles inside the lights moving up and down.


Step 2: Garland or Ribbon

The next part of decorating a Christmas tree is to give it that extra festive look by adding Christmas tree garlands. These come in many different styles and varieties and it is completely up to you how you decorate your tree. You can get traditional garlands that resemble the tree and include berries, ribbons and bows intertwined, both real and manufactured. Many people choose tinsel these days which comes in a range of colours, with reds and greens being the traditional colours for decoration. However, you don’t have to use tinsel, and many people are going for other decoration methods such as using ribbon or even coloured beading.


Step 3: Choosing Ornaments

The final step to decorating your Christmas tree is to choose which ornaments you want to put on. Of course, this is completely up to you and you don’t have to put ornaments on the tree, but it is a tradition to place some ornaments on. There is a wide array of Christmas tree ornaments that you can hang on the tree, and today you can even get models from your favourite characters and tv shows. But one important thing to remember when hanging ornaments on a real tree is that you should make sure you don’t put too much weight on the branches and space out your ornaments. Hanging lots of heavy decorations on the tree can damage it and the tree might die earlier than it would otherwise.