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Fun Thanksgiving Makes with Cardboard Moving Boxes

24 Nov 2016

Fun Thanksgiving Makes with Cardboard Moving Boxes

If you have moved house just before Thanksgiving, you might well be wondering what to do with all of your unpacked boxes. So here are few fun and creative ideas that we have found on the internet to recycle those old cardboard boxes and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration Made by Joel

1. Thanksgiving Turkey Table Decoration - from Made by Joel

Simple to follow and easy to make Thanksgiving Turkey table decoration. Definitely one that you can do with the kids.


Thanksgiving Turkey with Feathers

2. Thanksgiving Turkey with Feathers - from I Heart Crafty Things

Cut the templates out from your cardboard box and then add some feathers, googly eyes and some clothes pegs for legs - and you have a thanksgiving turkey.


Make the Mayflower from a Cardboard Box

3. Make the Mayflower - from RedTedArt

Simply switch the pirate sails for white ones, and you will have your very own cardboard Mayflower sailing ship. All within one hour....


Pumpkin Toss Game - Thanksgiving

4. Pumpkin Toss Game - from Better Homes and Gardens

Transform your cardboard moving box in to an easy to make game to entertain the kids this Thanksgiving. 


Turkey Trap

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Trap (pretend) - from FamilyEducation

A simple way to engage your child's imagination, and pretend that you nearly caught a turkey in your back garden.


For more fun Thanksgiving makes, take a look at our Pinterest Board for further seasonal inspiration.

Wishing you all the best this Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy having a go at turning one of your moving boxes into a fun, crafty makes. Feel free to post a photo on our Facebook page or Tweet us a pic using #thanksgiving.