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Britain's Most Haunted Castles

08 Oct 2021

Britain's Most Haunted Castles

As we enter October, spending days playing outside in the sun is no longer an option. With the countdown to Halloween underway, you might be looking to visit some eerie or spooky places to get you and your family into the spirit. Fun for the whole family, there is bound to be a haunted castle near you. Our guide lists some of the most haunted castles in Britain, along with some of their ghostly tales to entice you.


Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is widely regarded as the most haunted castle in Scotland. Located in Northumbria and now owned by the Scottish National Trust, this is a great place to visit for a trip back in time or to experience something scary. There have been many reports of ghost sightings all around this site, from the White Pantry Ghost begging for water to the Blue Boy appearing over beds at night. In the day, Chillingham Castle is a lovely and interesting site to explore. For a more exciting experience, Ghost Tours are on hand during the night, so make sure to grab your cameras.


St. Briavels Castle

If you’re in Gloucestershire, St Briavels Castle has also been called Britain’s most haunted castle. Construction of this castle started in 1131, leaving plenty of time for history to have taken its toll. The Gatehouse is of particular interest in St Briavels, as this is where many criminals were kept awaiting sentencing or execution. Carvings remain on the walls from where ancient prisoners made their final marks. Now a Youth Hostel, visitors often report the notably ‘strange’ atmosphere when staying overnight. In addition, the persistent ghosts cry into the night, and the oppressive atmosphere makes a trip to St Briavels Castle unmissable this Halloween.


Berry Pomeroy Castle

Located in Devon, Berry Pomeroy Castle has been frequented by ghost hunters for years as one of the most haunted castles in Britain. There have been many sightings of ghosts by visitors through the years, a common report being of the White Lady. This spectre is said to haunt the dungeons after she was imprisoned by her sister, who was jealous of her sister’s beauty. Inexplicable sounds and photographs bring paranormal experts to the castle’s walls, both in the day and at night for paranormal sessions to catch a glimpse for themselves. Are you brave enough to join them?


Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle is also a frequently visited site for paranormal investigators. The grounds in Staffordshire are said to be home to many ghosts who aren’t afraid to make themselves known. The King’s Quarters are haunted by many different ghosts, and Mary Queen of Scots is also said to roam the halls. Perhaps the most famous spectre here is ‘The Keeper’, a man in full armour who is known to yell at visitors. Many witnesses claim that they assumed there was a re-enactment going on and were shocked to discover that no re-enactments had taken place. If you were hoping to visit in the daytime to avoid sightings, these ghosts are known to bellow at visitors in broad daylight.

Dover Castle

As one of the country’s most famous castles, it’s no surprise that Dover’s varied history has left some ghostly marks. The tunnels, passages, and secret rooms throughout its walls are rumoured to be home to many shadows of history, from murdered drummer boys to World War II soldiers carrying out their regular duties. The layers of history attract history buffs and ghost hunters alike, meaning the whole family will enjoy a trip to Dover Castle. Be sure to keep your ears open for the footsteps, slamming doors, and whispering voices that make Dover one of the most haunted castles in England.