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Best Areas to Live in Bristol

07 Dec 2023

Best Areas to Live in Bristol
Welcome to Bristol - the charming West Country city that’s home to nearly half a million individuals and is best known for history, culture, art and of course, the Colston Bun.

If you’re planning a move to Bristol, you’ll not only be in store for a variety of entertainment and cultural opportunities but also a growing and thriving economy and a wealth of wonderful areas to live in for families of all types. 

These are the best places to live in Bristol

But exactly which areas are the best to live in Bristol? Getting ready to move can make you anxious enough - but not knowing exactly the best places to consider living can make those stress levels skyrocket without warning. We’ve pulled together some of the most popular areas offering the best quality of life, depending on what it is you’re looking for. Keep reading to find your next neighbourhood. 

City Centre

Central Bristol has, over the years, seen quite the transformation. The Floating Harbour, which was sad and rundown, is now the happening heart of Bristol, making it a desirable place to live for young professionals and couples, as well as anyone who simply wants to absorb Bristol’s unique energy. Waterfront apartments, terraced houses, chic offices and charming waterways make the city centre stand out as a popular choice, especially since access to bars, restaurants, pubs and shopping is plentiful.

For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of ways to get active on the River Avon, which conveniently runs through the city.


Heading northwest just slightly out of the city will take you to one of the most popular and coveting areas of Bristol - Clifton. The area itself is an architectural delight for those who are inclined to appreciate the art of historic buildings. Most of the homes in the area are from the Georgian period and made from limestone. Clifton boasts a combination of bars, cafes, boutique shops and welcome, charming facades that make it such a popular place to live.


 Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol England


Heading just east of Clifton will bring you into Redland, which offers large homes available both in detached and semi-detached layouts built from red stone (hence the name of the area - Redland). The area is known for being affluent and is also popular amongst university students seeking accommodation. 

Due to the number of high-quality schools in the area, Redland is a popular choice for families with school-aged children looking for a quaint, quiet and safe area to live.

St Pauls

Just north of the city centre is a trendy area of Bristol called St Pauls. The area is particularly popular for its live music scene, including pubs and DJ bars. There’s also a variety of breweries, taprooms, historical highlights and plenty of nightlife to keep locals happy and busy. 

During the summer, locals enjoy the St Paul’s African Caribbean Carnival offering delicious food stalls, music and entertainment for everyone. 

Home prices in the area are affordable, and there are some beautiful examples of Georgian architecture in the neighbourhood.


Colourful terraced houses in Bristol, England.


Heading just south of the city will bring you to a traditional neighbourhood popular with many. Bedminster has evolved drastically over the years, with lots of new developments meaning there are a variety of new housing options in the area, including apartments and townhouses. There are also a great deal of terraced properties available, meaning the neighbourhood is ideal for people in various stages of life. The area boasts two popular shopping streets, as well as several attractions bringing in job opportunities for creative individuals. 

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