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A Marvellous Moving House Checklist

13 Sep 2016

A Marvellous Moving House Checklist
To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, we've put together our very own marvellous moving house checklist for all the fans of this famous British author.

Moving house can sometimes feel the most frothbungling thing you can undertake in a lifetime. However, by following our marvellous moving house checklist, you will be able to avoid your move from becoming a trogglehumper...

6-8 weeks before Moving House

  • Check that you have your golden ticket and have a confirmed moving date.
  • Check that your house insurance covers actually moving house, as many do not. Bishop's Move offers all our human bean customers a range of scrumdiddlyumptious removals insurance options to protect their possessions from any unexpected gremlins.
  • It may seem rotsome, but it is worth getting 2-3 written quotes from different removal firms, especially ones that are affiliate to the gloriumptious British Association of Removers (BAR).
  • Ask the removals company about their splendiferous storage solutions for any everlasting gobstoppers, dream jars or gypsy caravans, that you may need to be stored for a short or long time. (Although please note that most removal companies cannot store any marvellous medicines.)
  • Notify the relevant utility companies, and other quogwinkles, of your move.
  • Start to De-clutter and Donate any unwanted items, especially books, as we will collect them from you on the day of your move and give them directly to a local whizz-popping charity to sell on. It will save them from becoming glubbage.

2-4 weeks before Moving House

  • Begin to pack non-essential items such as great gum machines and non-seasonal clothes into boxes.  
  • Don't be a Bootboggler. Remember to inform your doctor, dentist and optician if you're moving to a new area.
  • Arrange for someone to look your chiddlers on the day of the move so they do not become anxious and are kept occupied.
  • Finalise arrangements with your removal company such as confirming how many days your move will take and when the start date and arrival time of your crew (your very own Oompa-Loompas.)
  • Arrange to collect the key to your fantastic new home from the phizz-whizzing estate agent/seller.
  • Don't let your conveyancing solicitor gobblefunk you with words and make sure your bank details and payments are correct.

The Day before Moving House

  • Set aside an area for items you need on the day so that coats, handbags and the kettle do not get muggled.
  • Dismantle any awkward or jumpsquiffling sized pieces of furniture
  • Make sure the fridge/freezer is defrosted and contains no food, drink or snozzcumbers.

Moving Day.

  • If arranged, leave the removals crew to pack any fragile items, such as glass elevators or medicine bottles.
  • Keep your pets (whether they are small mice or enormous crocodiles) secure and out of the way so that they are not worried by the comings and goings of the removal men
  • Ensure everything has been packed before leaving your home and that you are not leaving any whangdoogles, hornswogglers, snozzwangers or vermivious knids behind for the new owners to discover.
  • Make sure no magic fingers have moved or transformed anything in error.
  • Ensure the removals crew have directions to your new home and get there before them.

Whist we cannot harness the power of a flock of seagulls to move you, like James in the Giant Peach, by choosing Bishop's Move as your removals company, we can ensure that our very own Oomp-Loompa's will move you in a hipswitch.