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Moving House

cleaning tips
Cleaning Tips for Moving into a New House
by Bishop's Move, 21 December 2018

A thorough clean is advised when moving home and you should make sure you have a checklist for the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen in particular. With so many tasks to undertake when moving home, cleaning before you move out is always last on the list for many. This is why its often necessary to plan for a thorough clean on your new home before you fully settle in. You should make time to clean ...

Moving House

Painting Preview
How to Paint a Wall & Ceiling
by Bishop's Move, 16 December 2018

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your rooms can easily transform your home and breathes a new lease of life into tired looking rooms. If you’re planning on moving home, then giving your rooms a new coat of paint can also help to sell your home. But if you might be wondering what the best way to paint is and how you can get the most even finish. Although it might seem quite straightforward, ...

Moving House

christmas tree
3 Steps On How to Decorate a Christmas Tree
by Bishop's Move, 07 December 2018

One of the most important things about the festive season is getting your Christmas tree up and decorated. It is one of the most integral parts of the Christmas season and it isn’t truly Christmas until you have your tree up and decorated. But there are no conventions when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree and if you have never done it you might be wondering where the best place is to ...

Moving House

christmas tree
How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree
by Bishop's Move, 05 December 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and many of you might’ve already bought your Christmas tree this year and put it up. But one of the drawbacks of putting your Christmas tree up early is that it could end up dying before Christmas Day even arrives. Although we all want to get into the Christmas spirit, people often delay getting a tree until much closer to the big day, but this often leaves you ...

Moving House

Indoor house plant next to a sunny window
Houseplant Buying Guide
by Bishop's Move, 29 November 2018

For years we’ve known the benefits of having houseplants in your living spaces. According to the RHS, having plants in your home can help improve your mood, reduce stress levels as well as blood pressure, among many other benefits. On top of the medical benefits of incorporating houseplants into your living spaces, they also can enhance the style and décor of your home. Plants look ...