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Easy Tips On Heating Your Home
Easy Tips On How to Heat Your Home
by Bishop's Move, 13 February 2019

There are some easy ways that you can help heat your home and avoid heat loss. You should maximise the amount of heat you get in your home by excluding drafts and insulating among some of the easy tips on how to heat your home. Keeping your home warm isn’t just for the winter months either, as having an energy efficient home is top of many people’s priorities. With notoriously ...

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Home Security
Simple Ways to Secure Your Home
by Bishop's Move, 06 February 2019

There are simple ways to secure your home and ensure you keep your belongings safe. This involves ensuring there are no easy entry points and ensuring your home is presentable. Following our simple steps, you can make sure your home is secure from intrusion without spending a fortune. Our guide provides some simple ways to secure your home from intruders and discourage potential opportunists from...

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How to Paint Doors
How to Paint Interior Doors
by Bishop's Move, 21 January 2019

If you are undertaking home renovation projects, then you will no doubt be spending time painting your interiors. Painting the walls is a straight forward task but painting interior doors can be difficult. If you haven’t painted wood before, then you might not realise that it’s quite different from using emulsion based paints. It can be difficult to achieve the perfect finish on wooden...

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Removing Wallpaper
How to Remove Wallpaper - Our Guide
by Bishop's Move, 09 January 2019

You can remove traditional wallpaper by following four easy steps of applying a solution, scoring the paper, scraping the walls and cleaning afterwards. Whether you are moving into a new home, or you just feel like a change in decoration, removing wallpaper can be a difficult task. If you haven’t removed wallpaper before, then you might want to read our guide on how to do it properly before...

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Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decoration Storage Guide
by Bishop's Move, 02 January 2019

You can store Christmas decorations easily by using resealable bags, storage containers and even plastic bottles if you follow our storage guide. If you are the type of person that loves Christmas and buys far more decorations than necessary, one of your biggest problems will be finding a way to store all of them. You won’t want to throw them all out, as you can reuse some of your ...