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The Best Cities for Startups in Germany
by Bishop's Move, 24 July 2019

Berlin Both the capital city and the start-up capital of Germany, with a high quality of life and low living cost filled with strong networking and investment opportunities. The city has a population of 3.5 million and continues to attract new talent from across the globe. The diversity is also shown because there are 50% more female entrepreneurs and start up founders than any other German ...

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How to Stay Cool When Moving during a Heatwave! by Bishop's Move
How to Stay Cool when Moving during a Heatwave!
by Louise Dunckley, 23 July 2019

It's a fact that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences that you can undertake in your life and the current hot weather is likely to increase any stress or discomfort you may feel on moving day.  Bishop's Move have moved many houses in a variety of weather conditions over our 160 years of business and here are our Top Tips to Staying Cool when moving house during a ...

International Moves

New Zealand Expat
Top Places to visit in New Zealand for Expats
by Bishop's Move, 17 July 2019

Both parts of New Zealand (also known as Aotearoa in Maori, translated to the land of the long white cloud) are stunning and full of things to do. You could spend a month just in the North Island, to say nothing of the many locations and activities in the South. Auckland – Known as the City of Sails, it is the largest and most populated city in New Zealand, and probably where you will first...

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What happens to EU citizens in UK after Brexit?
by Bishop's Move, 12 July 2019

In summer 2018, it was recorded that 3.5 million EU nationals from varying socio-economic backgrounds resided in the UK. With the changing tides of Brexit, it may be frustrating or difficult to determine what the current rules and regulations for immigration are in the UK, in reference to EU nationals. There are schemes and proposals put together that provide guidelines for EU immigration to UK, ...

International Moves

Moving with Pets
Moving Abroad With Your Pet
by Bishop's Move, 05 July 2019

If you are planning on moving to another country then it can be an extremely difficult process with a lot to prepare and sort out. But this can be complicated even further if you have a family pet that you want to make the move with you. But this is often a process that many people have never been through so you might be wondering whether you can bring your pet with you at all. Well, there are ...