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7 Reasons to Move Your Business

24 Feb 2022

7 Reasons to Move Your Business

In today’s business climate and with modern opportunities, it’s more common than ever that business owners are choosing to up and move their companies, whether this be across the nation or even across the world. This is not a decision to be taken lightly as business relocation can be a difficult process filled with many complex steps for all involved parties. 

However, with the opportunities that open up after moving your business, this could be the best decision for your company. While the process may be complex, it’s hard to ignore the advantages of different locations for businesses. If you’re still unsure on moving your business, we’ve put together 7 reasons for business relocation that might just change your mind.


Market Reach

One of the biggest reasons for business relocation is to gain access to new markets. It makes logical sense that opening your business in a new location means that you are accessing a brand new pool of clients. This can be a hugely beneficial change for you, particularly if the market in your current location is saturated and offers no new opportunities, customers, or clients. 

If you are considering moving your business abroad, why not consider locations in Europe? Certain cities in Spain, for example, offer excellent opportunities for startups. Our blog details the best startup locations in Spain for moving your business.


Best Possible Workforce

One vital component of a business is it’s employees. If your current location is proving difficult to find the right people with the right skills, it might be time to relocate. Accessing talent from further afield may be posing challenges and relocating employees to utilise their specialist skills can prove to be expensive. Access to a better labour pool will improve the quality of your business’ services and therefore increase revenue.

While this may create challenges for current employees, who may suddenly find their commute time has extended dramatically, you must prioritise the needs of your company. Furthermore, advantages of the modern work landscape include the flexibility of remote working and online meetings. This can make it easier to keep on employees and maintain relationships with customers from previous business locations.


Two employees looking at online documents.

Employee Happiness

Your employees are the blood of your company. Keeping them satisfied is the key to retaining the talent you have acquired throughout your years’ of business. Therefore, if the opportunity arises and employee happiness is threatened by the static location of your company, consider moving. Whether this is to retain employees moving away or to move closer to those valued employees who are finding the commuting distance difficult.


Cost Effectiveness

Running costs of a business are also a vital part of where a business is located. Building rental costs, maintenance fees, taxes and more can all play a part in the final number. If your business has found a city or country where money can be saved due to geographical location, it’s definitely worth consideration. Saving money on rent and other administrative fees may allow you to spend the funds elsewhere, increasing your business in other ways.


Clients Further Afield

While moving for employees may be one reason for business relocation, the flipside is true for many businesses who have moved in the past. There’s no getting around it, sometimes the customer is right. And when it comes to location, it might be that moving your business is what it takes to seal the deal with certain customers. Many companies select their business partners to be those close to them, meaning they are able to contact you quickly and easily should there be a sudden change or issue. Moving to be closer to clients can boost relationships and income streams significantly.


Expanding Your Company

If your company has been performing excellently and your business plan allows for such large changes, expansion may be a very real possibility. Moving your business doesn’t have to mean moving the whole organisation. Just a partial move may be enough to spread your wings and sow seeds in a new location. 


Office for a business Work desks in a businesses office
Modern office workspace for large business. Wide corridor between conference rooms in company office.


Improved Facilities

Reasons to move your business can be as simple as wanting a new romping ground. Another benefit to a new business location is a completely new set of building features. It might be that your business started from the ground up and has now begun to outgrow its current location. As your company grows, the increasing number of employees poses the risk of overwhelming the facilities provided on-site. Allowing yourself to browse new locations with more space may open up the horizons for your company’s future, thinking about expansion into new industries or to get more employees on board.


If you’re considering relocating for any of the reasons above, consider Bishop’s Move business removals. We understand the planning involved with moving your business and, with our wealth of experience in removals, we are well-equipped to provide a smooth and seamless process. Get in touch with our team and see how we could help you today.