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3 Top Tips to Avoid Trick or Treaters This Halloween

23 Oct 2016

3 Top Tips to Avoid Trick or Treaters This Halloween
With Halloween on a Monday this year, and after the clocks have gone back, there will be plenty of trick or treaters around from the early evening...

Many homeowners will know that, although it’s rather harmless, it can be pretty annoying when you have people knocking at the door all night. Not to mention that you end up buying chocolate and sweets especially just in case people knock. It can also interrupt your evening having to constantly get up to answer the door, but we have a few tips that can help you avoid unwanted trick or treaters this Halloween.

Nobody’s home

One way to deter people from knocking on your door this Halloween is to make it look like nobody is home. Turning off any porch lights at the front of your home can be a clear sign to any fancy dress revellers that you don’t want to be disturbed. You can go one step further by turning off the lights at the front of your home and closing the curtains. By making your home look uninviting, you can put people off. Other things you can do include leaving your bins in the way or parking your car close to the front door. Many of those who go trick or treating will be younger and often go with parents, so they'll often only knock on homes that look inviting.

Leave out signs

By leaving signs out, you can also deter unwanted trick or treaters. You can put signs out such as "No unwanted callers" or even a "Beware of the dog" sign. If people are scared of dogs or think that it’s vicious they won’t try and knock. This way it won’t be obvious that you are trying to avoid Halloween callers and you won't be seen as a stick in the mud, but people may be more reluctant to knock. If you like the effect of the signs, you can keep them up all year round to ward off other unwanted callers.

Scare them off

Seeing as it's Halloween, why not try and scare people from knocking at your door with some extra spooky decorations? There are plenty of Halloween decorations around at this time of year but you can make people reluctant to approach your house by choosing the scariest decorations you can find. And when someone is brave enough to creep up and knock on your door, you'll know that at least they've earned their treats with their bravery. 


So there you have it, three top tips to help you avoid unwanted trick or treaters this year. But if all else fails then you may just have to give in and get in the Halloween spirit. One bonus to preparing for trick or treaters though, is that you can eat all the sweets that you don’t give away. Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, make sure you enjoy it.