Supporting Local Food Banks
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Bishop's Move Supports Local Food Banks

Bishop's Move are supporting Local Food Banks

It is a sad, but true, fact that there are many individuals and families in the UK that are living in food poverty. The Trussell Trust reported in their end of year stats that it had handed out a record 1.6m emergency food packages in 2018 and had seen a 19% rise in the number of people needing its help.

As a family-owned company that has been involved with communities, people and family for over 165 years on a day-to-day basis, we were keen to get involved.

Therefore, Bishop's Move are keen to announce that all our branches now have collection points available for Local Food Banks. Both employees and customers can drop their donations off and we will then deliver them to the local food bank.

A local food bank collection point in one of our branchesWe are looking to collect the following:

1. Tinned & Non-Perishable Food Items

2. Essential Toiletries, Feminine Products & Baby Supplies

3. Laundry Detergent/Powder & Washing Up Liquid

All donations will be gratefully received! 

Contact us to find out more about this Local Food Bank scheme and see how you can help.