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All of Bishop's Move's branches have purpose-built modern storage facilities at depot locations right across the UK.

When you use our Newcastle storage facilities, we pack and seal your possessions in special containers to avoid potential damage from external conditions.

Everything you leave with us is securely monitored 24/7, all your items are fully insured and we can even build storage containers to fit your needs.

Once packed, we'll give you an inventory list and log your items into our advanced retrieval system. Then when you need to find and retrieve something, just call us to make an appointment and we'll locate your effects for you in no time at all.
Plus our secure warehouse storage facilities can be used for domestic or business storage - from data and archive storage to storing office equipment.

Packing Boxes and Materials
Additionally we offer a range of professional boxes and packing materials at our local Newcastle storage facility which provides our customers with a fault-free and secure packing experience. To find out more about our packing services visit our packing services page.