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Bishop’s Move Luton has a purpose built containerised warehouse that is dedicated to storage; whether you wish to store domestic or business items, we have the facilities to accommodate all storage requirements. Bishop’s Move Luton storage offers reasonable prices for both long and short-term periods of storage within a facility that is conveniently located for easy access.


We offer professional, high-end storage services in Luton. Our storage services offer a safety for your items and 24/7 access at our local storage site. Our warehouse and storage facilities are conveniently located and well equipped in order to accommodate all items of any size, whether your items are fragile or bulky, our storage facilities have been built to accommodate all belongings. To give our customers a sense of security when leaving their items with us, our Luton warehouse is under constant CCTV to ensure that your belongings are safe and that no unauthorised personnel can gain access. 

We pride ourselves in offering services that tailor to each customer’s needs; therefore, we offer a convenient packing service and special containers that ensures that your belongings are under the level of protection required. We also offer additional measures for our customers to ensure that we can provide the right service for you. 

The process of storing your belongings with Bishop’s Move Luton will entail creating an inventory list that will be uploaded to our IT systems. This will allow us to keep a track of all of your belongings and makes it easy for you to gain 24/7 access; including taking and bringing items to and from your storage container. Our IT systems also allow us to easily retrieve any of your items on your request. 

There will need to be at least 30 minutes’ notice when retrieving your item(s), this allows our Luton team to locate your items for you and reduces any delay when you arrive. Our Luton team will be more than happy to talk you through the process of storing your items including, adding storage, retrieving your items and 24/7 access.