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Bishop's Move Exeter provide a range of storage for its Devon customers.

Our secure warehouse is based on the Windsor Court, Exeter and can afford long or short term storage at affordable prices. (Please note that we have moved from Sowton Industrial Estate.)

Bishop's Move Exeter is able to offer our customers self-storage facilities, as well as the more traditional long-term storage options supervised by our warehouseman. You can access your storage unit as often as you wish during our opening hours. You lock your own unit and remain the sole key holder, thereby ensuring the security of your possessions.

Storage, self-storage and warehouse services in Exeter.
Bishop’s Move Exeter offers its customers storage solutions in the form of containerised warehouses. We also offer convenient self-storage services for our customers. Each unit is secured and is constantly monitored by CCTV to give you peace of mind about your belongings. 

We offer high-end and professional advice and services when using our storage facilities. Our trained staff will be able to provide you with all the information you need and require to ensure that you are comfortable when using Bishop’s Move Exeter for storing your belongings. We offer affordable storage facilities for both long and short term periods whether you are storing a few or a house worth of items.
No one else but you will be able to access your storage unit; not even employees at the storage unit will be able to access your unit unless your permission is given. You will lock your own unit when arriving and leaving the warehouse and will be the only key holder; this will ensure the security of your possessions. 

The only reason a Self-Storage operator will have access to your belongings is if a lien is imposed due to non-payment of rent. We also offer convenient large packing boxes, wrapping materials, parcel tape and padlocks to purchase from the warehouse to ensure that all belongings within the storage unit are kept safe.

The process of storing your belongings with Bishop’s Move Exeter will entail creating an inventory list that will be uploaded to our IT systems. This will allow us to keep a track of all of your belongings and makes it easy for you to gain 24/7 access; including taking and bringing items to and from your storage container. Our IT systems also allow us to easily retrieve any of your items on your request.

We ask that you give us notice before visiting your storage unit for convenience purposes. Giving notice will allow us to gather all the necessary information for you before you arrive; this will reduce the amount of delays and inconvenience you may encounter on your arrival if no notice is given.