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Bishop's Move have years of experience in moving people and their property to and from the Republic of Singapore.

Our International removals experts have come up with this mini guide of fundamentals for moving to Singapore and to the UK from the Singapore.

Household Effects

Personal and household effects can be imported duty and tax free, providing they have been owned and used by the client
for a minimum of six months and are for the continued use of the client in Singapore. The shipment must arrive within six
months of the client’s own arrival. Blu Rays, DVDs and video tapes will be detained for inspection and censorship by customs. There will be a charge for the time taken to review these goods and additional editing charges may be applied.

Alcohol and tobacco products in quantities appropriate for personal use may be imported but are subject to high duties
to deter importation. A full listing must be supplied in advance which must be accurate and complete otherwise fines will be imposed.

Required documentation for household goods only:

  • Passport
  • Work permit* (employment pass)
    *If unavailable a copy of the Employment pass application, acknowledgement letter from Ministry of Manpower with
    a letter from employer will suffice or an Approved-in-Principle letter from Ministry of Manpower

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are all subject to duty and tax which are extremely high and designed to discourage importation. It is
highly recommended that you check the amount of duty and tax payable before considering shipment. Cars over 3 years old will be denied importation.

Additional documentation required for motor vehicles:

  • Vehicle registration , sales or purchase invoice , insurance certificate from origin country
  • Inward declaration permit
  • Certificate of compliance with exhaust emission control standard
  • Temporary certificate of entitlement
  • Customs duty payment receipt

If you would like a pdf version, please refer here. Find out more about our International Removal Services.