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Moving to Russia

Move to or from Russia with Bishop's Move International

Moving to Russia is an exciting adventure! Bishop's Move can help remove any apprehension on moving to Moscow, Novosibirsk, St Petersburg, Vladivostok or any other town in the Russia Federation. With careful planning, expert packing and professional shipping - we'll successfully move you from door-to-door.

Once you have decided to move to Russia get in contact with your local branch of Bishop's Move. We will able to help advise you on any visas that you may require, time scales and also arrange a free home moving survey. 

On the day of the survey, one of our professional International Moving Consultants will visit you at home to answer any questions you have on relocating to Russia. They will discuss how to pack and ship your items to Russia and prepare a free, no-obligation quote moving to Russia. The success of an international move is all in the detail, so once you're happy we've got all your individual requirements included and you've accepted the quote, we can arrange a moving date.

When it comes to the big event, our trained packers will export pack and wrap the entire contents of your home, making sure all valuables and delicate items are safe for the journey. We'll then have all of your effects securely transported to your new home in Russia and delivered straight to your door. And if you need storage, we can arrange that too. Plus, if you ever decide to return to the UK, we can move you back again in exactly the same way. 

Trust your Russian move to an International removals company with 160 years experience!

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