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If you’re considering moving to Ireland from the UK, you’re not alone. Each year, British citizens find multiple draws to the Emerald Isle and decide to make the move.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about your potential move, including immigration information, information on Irish culture, jobs, and more.

Moving to Ireland?


What are the benefits of moving to Ireland from the UK?

In general, you’re likely to find a lot of similarities between living in the UK and in Ireland. However, there are definitely some benefits to moving to the UK. For instance, apart from in major cities like Dublin, you’ll likely find that the cost of living is more affordable than in many areas in the UK. In addition, you’ll find a lower crime rate in Ireland than in the UK. 

Street in Dublin, Ireland

How to move from the UK to Ireland

If you’re a British citizen, moving to Ireland is very straightforward. Thanks to the CTA (or Common Travel Area), British and Irish citizens can enjoy free movement and the right to work in the two countries. If you are planning to move, you just need to notify the UK government in relation to your pension, tax and benefits. Thankfully, Brexit will not have an impact on your move.

Irish Culture

Ireland’s culture is rich, vibrant and proud. People who move to Ireland will find that the culture is also very social, warm and welcoming. Some Brits may find the willingness of the Irish to spark up a conversation a bit surprising at first, but will soon adjust. The Irish tend to be happy to help you with advice and directions, and you’re likely to have no trouble having a conversation with a stranger on a bus or at the pub. 

Interior of an Irish pub

The Irish Pub

The pub is an important part of Irish culture, in some ways similar to in Britain. In each local area, the pub is essentially a foundation for the community. As such, it’s a great idea for you to spend some time researching the pubs in the area to which you’re moving and start spending some time there. This could help you find out more about your new neighbours and events in the area, as well as make new friends.

Irish Art, Music and Literature

In Ireland, art, music and literature are woven into everything, and you’ll not find a race of people who love stories quite as much as the Irish. From Celtic mythology and legends to 20th-century poetry, Ireland’s stories and literature are rife with age-old symbolism and parables that influence new art consistently. 

Traditional Irish music is also still very popular, and something you can often see performed live at the local pub. Traditional music is typically created by instruments associated with Ireland’s heritage, such as the tin whistle, fiddle, harp, uilleann pipes and the bodhrán, a type of drum. 

Sport in Ireland

Just like in the UK, people in Ireland love sports. You’ll find plenty of fans of football, cricket, racing, and rugby, but in addition, the Irish enjoy some traditional sports as well. Hurling, Gaelic football and camogie are all examples of traditional Irish sports. 

Cobh, county Cork, Ireland on a sunny day

Working in Ireland

If you plan to get a job when you move to Ireland, you’ll find the job market overall quite similar to the UK. Although hugely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic like most countries, Ireland has begun to bounce back nicely, and in fact, has one of the quickest-growing economies in Europe. 

As you might expect, a wider variety of jobs can be found in larger Irish cities like Dublin, but depending on your industry, you should be able to find a suitable job without struggle. 

Moving to Ireland

If there’s a move on the horizon for you, put your trust in Bishop’s Move. We’re proud and longtime members of the British Association of Removers, which is an accreditation you can trust. Find out more about our services for removals to Ireland and get your quote today.