Moving to Finland
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Moving to Finland

Finland Removals

Bishop’s Move can help you if you are thinking about moving to Finland, as our European removals team have a great deal of moving people abroad. We can take care of all the aspects of your move to make sure that it is stress free and runs as smoothly as possible. No matter which municipality you are moving to, Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere or anywhere else, we can help make sure your move is perfect.


Get in touch with Bishop’s Move to start your removal process with a free moving survey. One of the European removals experts will come to your home and carry out a household survey to ensure that we have covered all aspects of the move. This will mean that nothing has been forgotten when it comes to the removal day and we are fully prepared to meet all of your needs. Once we have carried out all aspects of the survey, you will receive your own personalised quote that takes into account what you will or won’t need on the day of your move.

This country in Northern Europe borders the Baltic Sea, commonly referred to as the Nordic region or sometimes also included in Scandinavia. There are a wide number of native languages in Finland that include Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese. Lutheran Christianity is the main religion in the country and they share many similar traditions to other Nordic countries. Despite what many think, the climate in the Nordic region is actually quite mild. Due to the fact Finland is close to the ocean, the Gulf Stream brings warm currents from the tip of Florida. This means snow cover in winter is rare and summers are generally cool.

Our European removals team will take into account everything you need for your move, but this is completely flexible and if there is any part of our service that you don’t need, then we will remove this from your package. We want to make sure you have a removal service that you are happy with and is completely customisable to suit your needs. If you want to pack all of your own belongings, for example, we are happy for you to do so.

We make sure that we cater to all of your needs and our tailored approach means you can be sure that you are getting the best price for your removal. We also have over 160 years of experience in removals and a dedicated European removals team that can make sure you have everything you need when moving to a new country.

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