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Are you considering a move to Cyprus? Whether it's Lefkosia, Pafos, Larnaca or Famagusta, it’s likely you’ll have lots of questions about how to prepare and what to expect. You can find out everything you need to know about relocating in our guide.

Moving abroad can be a challenge, to say the least, but at Bishop’s Move, we can help. With over 165 years of experience, our specialists have the knowledge and skills to ensure your international removal is seamless from start to finish.

Moving to Cyprus


Why Move to Cyprus?

Cyprus, an island that sits between the Middle East and Europe, is a popular destination for British citizens seeking a new home overseas. The long, hot summers and short winters are extremely appealing to those who enjoy the warmer weather and when paired with the relaxed, laidback Cypriot lifestyle, it’s easy to see the attraction.  

With several international schools on the island, Cyprus boasts a high standard of education for expat families, however, it’s important to remember that these schools are privately run and therefore come at a fee.  For many, the academic quality offered within the schools far outweighs the costs that are involved. 

English is largely spoken throughout the country, a benefit which dramatically reduces the impact of a language barrier when moving there. 


Ocean view across a residential area in Paphos, Cyprus

Culture in Cyprus

The small island of Cyprus is heavily influenced by its location between Europe, Asia and Africa. Throughout the country, you will find Roman theatres, Mosques, Greek temples and monasteries. The social structure centres around family life, with children expected to care for their elders as they grow old. 

Cypriots are extremely welcoming, their friendly hospitality can often result in dinner invitations no sooner than when you’ve first met. An occasion which will be full of food, conversation, laughter and often, drinks!

The Turkish invasion of Cyprus in the 1970s has left a noticeable divide in culture; the Northern Turkish section and the Southern Greek section. There are special arrangements in place which mean that North Cyprus is within the EU borders. 


Moving to Cyprus from the UK 

In order to move, you must first ensure you are able to meet the immigration rules that will allow you to apply for an entry visa. This, in turn, will enable you to apply for a temporary residence permit, which will be valid for 12 months and renewable on a yearly basis. After living in Cyprus for 5 years, you will be able to apply for permanent residency. 

For more information on visa requirements for Cyprus, visit the High Commission of Cyprus in the UK. 


Healthcare in Cyprus

There are both public and private healthcare offerings available in Cyprus and the quality is deemed to be good, particularly in the South. State healthcare - the GHS (General Healthcare System), can be accessed by British citizens once Cypriot residency has been approved. Prior to this, you must ensure that you have suitable healthcare coverage in place. 

If you are working in Cyprus, you will be obligated to make healthcare contributions via the Cyprus Social Insurance Services. 

Working in Cyprus 

Tax rates in Cyprus are relatively low, which has attracted the attention of many large, international companies that now operate there. Thriving industries on the island include tourism, textiles, financial services and communications. 

The work culture in Cyprus places great value on being punctual, direct and trustworthy, qualities which promote the development of positive working relationships. Typical working hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, 5 days a week, but this varies amongst industries. Rules mean workers are unable to exceed 2 hours of overtime per day or 8 hours on a weekly basis.


Houses amongst the greenery in Nicosia, Cyprus

Popular Destinations for British Expats 

When it comes to moving internationally, many expats from across the globe consider Cyprus to be a very desirable location. It’s well-established and has a substantial UK expat community living in the country. Some of the most popular destinations include:


Nicosia is the country’s capital city, and is the world’s only remaining divided capital. One half belongs to the Republic of Cyprus, and the other part is occupied by military troops in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The city is a major financial hub and business centre, making it the perfect location for new job opportunities.


Limassol is the second-largest urban area in Cyprus and is home to one of the busiest ports in Europe. Standards of living in the city are very high and there is a multitude of job opportunities, particularly in shipping. The nightlife on offer in Limassol makes the city an attractive destination for young adults. 


The beautiful Blue Flag beaches in Larnaca and the community feeling amongst the surrounding villages make Larnaca an ideal destination for families. The cost of living in the area is relatively affordable and there are various career opportunities for British expats. Tourism in Larnaca is slightly lower than in other parts of Cyprus, meaning the lifestyle is much quieter and of a slower pace. 


Moving with Bishop’s Move 

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