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Moving to Bulgaria? Bishop’s Move can make sure your removal is stress-free.

We have a dedicated European Removals team and a great deal of experience in moving people around the world. Get in touch with the team today for your move to Bulgaria.

It can be a daunting prospect when considering a move to a new country, which is why Bishop’s Move is here to help. We provide a completely bespoke removal service so anything that you are unsure about or want to remove from your removal package then we can do.

Our expert team and undertakes regular trips to Bulgaria, and with years of combined experience, we can move you to the country with ease.

Moving to Bulgaria?

Why move to Bulgaria?

The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in South East Europe with borders to the Black Sea in the East. It also shares its borders with several other European states including Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Bulgaria's proximity to Greece and Turkey mean that it has a temperate climate with hot summers, making it an increasingly popular destination for tourism. Despite being a member of the European Union, Bulgaria maintains its own currency of the Bulgarian Lev, with the only official language in the region as Bulgarian.

Removal Quotes to Bulgaria

Get in touch with our European removals team if you are looking for a moving company to help you get settled in Bulgaria. At Bishop’s Move we provide a free removal survey at your home, so that we can understand all of your needs and requirements when moving. Following the removal survey, we will then provide a personalised quote for your removal package so you know exactly how much the service is going to cost. We will clearly outline all aspects of the move so you know what you are paying for and can tailor the service to meet your individual needs. Throughout the quote process, we will answer any queries you have surrounding shipping, packing and relocation.

Moving to Bulgaria with Bishop's Move

Once you have accepted our removal quote, we will arrange and book a date for your move to Bulgaria. We can pack all of your belongings and get them ready prior to your actual move day or this can be done on the day if you prefer. We are aware there are many areas to organise and variables to consider when moving to a new country, therefore allow us to look after this area for you.

Once everything is packed and secure, our dedicated transit team will transport your belongings to Bulgaria. As part of our service, the team will unpack everything for you. Our removal vans are fittest with high-tech communication and satellite tracking equipment, meaning that we can locate homes in the remotest of areas of the country. 

If you should decide to return to the UK from Bulgaria, our team can also move you back again.