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Bishop’s Move has a great deal of experience in moving people to the Middle East.

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Processing an international move can be daunting to say the least, but at Bishop’s Move we’re here to make your move run seamlessly. With a heritage of over 165 years moving experience, we can assure you that we pride ourselves on offering nothing less of a high quality removals service.  We are dedicated to the industry and our experience in providing all customers with a great move. 

No matter whether you are looking to move to Manama, Riffa or Muharraq, we can take care of all aspects of the move to ensure that everything is covered.

Moving to Bahrain?

Why move to Bahrain?

Connected to Saudi Arabia, the small state of Bahrain sits on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is currently home to around 12,000 British expats and is a lucrative option for those seeking a new life abroad with financial prospects. Previously dependent on oil, Bahrain now has a diverse economy thanks to areas such as banking and tourism. This has made a plethora of job opportunities for high skilled employees. Bahrain is an economic free zone, meaning it’s residents don’t pay tax. This also makes the country a very attractive place for expats to live. 

Bahrain has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the gulf and their public healthcare is largely free or heavily subsidised. Many employers, however, offer private healthcare and many expatriates choose to pay for private healthcare when moving to the country. In regards to education in Bahrain, no matter your nationality, there are schools that cater for all people in the country. However, fees for some of the top schools can be expensive and places are often limited so make sure you check this out before moving to the region. You can expect to pay around £3,000 per term, which is comparable to some of the private schools in the UK.

The weather in Bahrain is very warm, especially in summers where the humid weather can hit highs of 50 degrees. Bahrain has a rich cultural history, and whilst Islam is the main religion there, Bahrainis are known for their lenience towards other faiths and beliefs.

Removals quotes to Bahrain

Once you have made your decision about moving to Bahrain, get in touch with your local Bishop’s Move branch. Our experienced international team can help you make sure you have everything you need for your move. During your home survey, a dedicated member of our international removals team, will visit you at your home and will undertake an assessment. Should you need help with export packing or storage for example, we can factor this into your quote. 

Our international removal packages to Bahrain are completely customisable. This means that we can tailor your quote to suit your individual needs and requirements. Whatsmore, our international removal quotes are non-obligation, so you can change your mind at any time. 

Moving to Bahrain with Bishop's Move

Once our quote has been accepted, we can arrange with you a suitable date for your move to Bahrain. On the day of your move our team of packers will wrap the entire contents of your home, ensuring that all delicate and fragile items are wrapped suitably for transport. We will then transport all of your effects safely to your new home in Bahrain, and will deliver everything directly to your front door. Should you need storage in Bahrain, we can arrange this also.  

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