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Standard of Living

There is a good standard of living in Bahrain, but many of the living costs are comparable to Western countries and Europe. There are also a generous amount of public holidays in the region with 15 official public holidays each year, as well as 30 days of paid holiday. It is also worth noting that during Ramadan, many services can be reduced or closed.

Housing Market

The cost of accommodation in many of the large cities can be high and similar to prices in the UK. Utilities are often subsidised by the government and for that reason can be cheaper than you might expect to pay at home. If you are looking to buy property then you can expect to pay similar prices to many areas in the UK.


There is a wide range of jobs available in Bahrain in different sectors and industries. You will find plenty of engineering, marketing and information technology roles in the country. In general, many of the jobs pay well but you should make sure you can afford the rent and living expenses before deciding on making the move.


Bahrain has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the gulf and their public healthcare is largely free or heavily subsidised. Many employers, however, offer private healthcare and many expatriates choose to pay for private healthcare when moving to the country.


No matter your nationality, there are schools that cater for all people in the country. However, fees for some of the top schools can be expensive and places are often limited so make sure you check this out before moving to the region.  You can expect to pay around £3,000 per term, which is comparable to some of the private schools in the UK.