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Our useful decluttering services makes it easier to get rid of unrequired items of furniture when moving later in life.

Bishop's Move provide professional help and support with decluttering excess items when moving to a smaller retirement property.

Unfortunately it's a fact that when moving to a smaller property, some of your furniture and other items simply might not fit or be of use. Bishop's Move are experienced in helping our older customers choose the right items to take and also find homes for those items that are no longer required.

We aim to donate most items to charity, such as Sense, so that they can be sold on to raise much needed money for worthwhile causes. 

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Easy Decluttering

Our decluttering service normally involves donating what we can to charity so that they can sell these items on and raise much needed funds for their worthwhile causes. But we can also make arrangements to deliver particular items to friends and/or family, or sort out secure storage so that you can keep these items safe and secure for a while. 

As part of our service, we will supply a small van to collect items that you no longer require on the day of your move. Additional van loads can be booked if required.

The following organisations can also help with your decluttering requirements.

SENSE - 0844 576 3744 or

THRIFT+ - (to donate clothes)

BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION - (to donate furniture)

Please bear in mind that, whilst we will do our best, not all items will be accepted as a donation, especially if it does not adhere to current fire and safety standards.


When planning which items of furniture and personal effects you are
keeping, it’s worth bearing in mind the size and layout of your new
property and how you can help make it feel like home in no time.

As a rule of thumb, if a double is 60 cubic feet, then the following applies:

  • An average one bedroom apartment will usually comfortably accommodate approximately 500-600 cubic feet of furniture and effects
  • An average two bedroom apartment will fit approximately 700-850 cubic feet of furniture and effects.