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Are you looking to move your business within Carlisle or the surrounding areas?

Then you should consider arranging a professional removal company to organise your removal.

Bishop’s Move Carlisle is one of over 20 different branches across the UK – all part of the largest family owned removals and storage companies nationwide, with over 165 years of experience within the industry. Our professional team have more than enough experience to carry out a successful business removal.

Why You Should Move With Bishop's Move Carlisle 

Over the years we have gained excellent experience when it comes to business removals. Through carrying out a large number of business removals, we have learnt that no two moves are the same. For that reason, we try to ensure we keep an open mind when it comes to discussing your move and arrangements, as we know that each move may require different services. Whether you're looking for warehouse relocation, office removals or employee relocation, we have the right kind of service to meet your needs.

To ensure we have the capabilities to meet your every need, we also provide additional services. These may include the following; 

  • Office removals
  • Crate hire
  • Porterage services
  • Secure Storage - for surplus stock, unwanted equipment or furniture
  • IT Decommission and Recommission 
  • Weekend and night moves to reduce possible interruption



Our biggest aim when it comes to removals is to be able to fulfil any of your needs as a customer, in order to achieve this we will go through the process and produce a bespoke removal plan that is suited to the needs of your business.  Meaning you will have the ability to pick and choose the correct services that are perfect for you and your move. We feel this is much more beneficial for the customer and it provides them with a better experience, as well as making their overall move that bit less stressful. You can control the aspects of your move and we will make sure we execute it with the highest level of care and attention.


Can Bishop's Move Still Help During The Removal Process?

During the removal process, our excellent specialist team will be on hand to support you, offering guidance and information on the local area and can provide great advice on moving within the Carlisle. They'll be able to recommend the best moving package for you and ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.

Bishop's Move Carlisle is a highly-regarded local removals company with a reputation for the highest level of customer service. 

Find out how we can help get your business move off the ground - call us on 03300 585100 or