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Wishing you a Happy Easter from Bishop's Move.

31 Mar 2013

Wishing you a Happy Easter from Bishop's Move.

Bishop's Move would like to wish all it's customers a very Happy Easter Sunday.

On this day, around the world, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the legendary Easter Bunny delivers eggs - whilst these two ideals initially seem world's apart; the connection could be that the hare (which the Easter Bunny was originally in Alsace) is often associated with the Holy Trinity, and the egg is the shape of the boulder that sealed Jesus's tomb? Whatever the connection, many Christians in the Eastern Orthodox Church paint their eggs blood red to symbolise this special day in their religious calendar, whilst others use green to honor of the emergence of Spring and new life after the 'dead' of Winter.

The 31st March also see the beginning of British Summer Time - although the cold weather and snow belies this in many areas. So remember to put your clocks forward an hour (1 am becomes 2 am on the 31st March).

And whatever the colour your Easter eggs are - we hope that you have an enjoyable Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter from Bishop's Move.