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Why Portsmouth is a Good Place to Live

19 Oct 2023

Why Portsmouth is a Good Place to Live
If you’re thinking about moving to a new location, countless factors need to be considered for your decision to be a good one.

Jobs, schools, quality of life and more all play into whether your next step is a success or a potential disaster. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re asking yourself “is Portsmouth a good place to live?” In this case, you’re in the right place.

This exciting little port city boasts everything you need. In recent years, the city of Portsmouth has been voted various superlatives when it comes to quality of life; the best, the coolest, and the nicest place to live in the UK, to name just a few. And it’s not hard to see why. 


Spinnaker Tower as a backdrop for a moored naval ship in Portsmouth at sunset.

1. The City’s Historical Significance

The Portsmouth area has always been an incredibly important naval location. With its roots dating back to 1194, its significant position meant that it was given special privileges by King Richard I. The dockyards were expanded upon over the centuries from its naval base beginnings and now cover around 300 acres. You’ll find boats of all sizes moored up, including the Mary Rose, a floating museum to its past. With the development of railway connections, the city also drew tourists from further inland to enjoy its pebble beaches. What’s more, Portsmouth continues to be the country’s only island city.


2. Job Opportunities in Portsmouth

If you’re in search of opportunities in all areas of life, Portsmouth has you covered. With several booming industries to choose from, job opportunities are far from scarce. Despite being one of the most inhabited areas in the country, this has had little effect on the availability of vacant positions. The booming dockyard and maritime sectors account for around 10% of jobs in the area, with a wide range of occupations included. Several huge employers are also based in the area, including Portsmouth University and IBM Europe, so there really is a wide range of positions to choose from no matter your qualifications.


3. Affordable Housing Options

When compared to other large cities of its kind across the country, Portsmouth still manages to offer rather affordable and varied housing options. From luxury flats in Gunwharf Quays to magnificent townhouses in Old Portsmouth, there is certainly an option for all kinds of people. Average house prices in Portsmouth tend to be lower than nationwide averages too!

What’s more, the city is well-connected to outlying towns and villages, meaning that you can work in Portsmouth while saving a little on accommodation with a simple commute. Thanks to the city’s student population, there are also countless affordable renting options across the city.


Apartment complex in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.


4. The Accessibility of Portsmouth

As mentioned above, Portsmouth benefits from being incredibly well connected to both nearby locations and other large cities in southern England. The city is serviced by several large train stations, including Portsmouth Harbour and Portsmouth and Southsea, with many smaller connections to locations in between. Services from Portsmouth run along the south coast and further north, so Brighton and London are both accessible within 90 minutes. 

If you’ve got a car, you don’t have to worry about selling it before making the move. Residents of Portsmouth also benefit from great road links thanks to easy access to the M27. That means that a day trip to Southampton or even the charming New Forest is no problem at all. You’ll also be impressed by the quality of the roads here.


5. Ample Things to do

There’s more to a destination than its history and transport links, we know. Thankfully, Portsmouth has character and more things to do than you could imagine. Southsea offers everything you need from a classic British seaside destination, including a pier and pebble beaches to relax on when the weather is nice. The docks themselves also make a great day out for learning about the city and enjoying coastal views, from the Mary Rose to the iconic Spinnaker Tower. 

If you’re a keen shopper, Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays are a must-see. With over 90 outlet stores, grab your favourite designer brands for less. More low-key shoppers will enjoy the vintage offerings of Southsea, while all your basics can be found in the pedestrianised Portsmouth city centre.


6. Culinary Delights

Local eateries are just another reason why Portsmouth is a good place to live. Being so close to the coast, seafood plays a significant role here, from standard fish and chips to fine dining establishments. If that’s not your style, there’s just about everything under the sun in Portsmouth and Southsea, from Mexican to Lebanese cuisine. For a group of people with mixed interests, the Outside-In Food Court is a great innovative new place offering a range of food and drinks for all taste buds.


A pebble beach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Living in Portsmouth has a wide range of benefits for the whole family. Your new life will never contain a dull moment, with countless things to explore and easy connections to visit nearby attractions too! Make the first step today and get in touch with our expert moving team to start planning your bespoke Portsmouth home removal today.