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Top Tips for Property Viewings During COVID-19

20 Jan 2021

Top Tips for Property Viewings During COVID-19

If you are currently looking to sell your property, you might be concerned about viewings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the whole country back into a third national lockdown, you might be concerned about the safety of property viewings at the moment. The government has advised that it is safe to both continue with existing moves and pursue new properties by going for viewings. But there are some things that you can do if you are selling your home or going for viewings during the pandemic. We have provided our top tips for property viewings during COVID-19 and how you can keep safe.

Selling Your Property During COVID-19

If you are selling your property during the pandemic then you will of course be concerned about people entering your home. Initial viewings are being encouraged online first so make sure you speak to your estate agent and they are set up to do this. If the person is still genuinely interested in buying your property they are then allowed to come into your home for a viewing but there is some guidance they must follow;

  • Anyone visiting a property should wear an appropriate face mask while doing so unless they are exempt for medical reasons.
  • Open house viewings are not allowed and all property visits should take place by appointment only.
  • It is recommended you vacate your property whilst viewings are taking place to safeguard yourself from close contact with others.
  • All windows and doors should be opened while people are viewing the property, so speak to your agent to ensure they are opening and closing windows.
How Can I Keep My Home Safe?

With the government advice that you should vacate your property while viewings are taking place, it is likely you will still be concerned how strictly regulations are being followed. As you will not be at the house you might be concerned about whether viewers are wearing appropriate face masks all the time and what surfaces they are touching. There are some things that you can do to give yourself peace of mind and keep your home safe during viewings, which include;

  • Provide Hand Sanitiser - this is available in many shops at the moment and placing this close to the entrance will encourage visitors to use it and reduce the risk of germs.
  • Open Windows Upon Return - open your windows when returning to the property so that you can let air out of your property and reduce the risk of airborne germs.
  • Thoroughly Clean Surfaces - this might seem like a chore after every visit but if your estate agent is ensuring only genuine viewers it is worth doing to reduce the risk.
Keeping Safe When Viewing Properties During COVID-19

If you are in the process of selling your own property, then it is likely you will also need to view properties to find somewhere to move to when yours is sold. You will have already read the advice above and these are all things that you should follow yourself but there are some things you can do in addition when viewing properties to keep safe which include;

  • Social Distancing - keep at least 2 metres away from people that are not from the same household as you. If you feel the estate agent is too close ask them to step back.
  • Avoid Touching - just as you wouldn’t want people to be touching all of your surfaces, drawers and cupboards you should apply the same restraint when visiting other homes.
  • Wash Hands - it is important to thoroughly wash your hands before leaving, as you might carry germs out and back into your car.

By following these tips you should be able to keep yourself safe during property viewings while COVID-19 is still a concern. Of course, these measures do not guarantee that you won’t catch the virus but are preventative measures to make the process as safe as possible. If you have health concerns then you might want to think about delaying your move until the situation improves. If you are in a position to move, get in touch with us about COVID-19 safe removals services.