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Moving home with a new baby.

23 Jul 2013

Moving home with a new baby.

With the topic of the Royal Baby on everyone’s lips, Will and Kate will soon have that once in a lifetime experience of taking their first child home for the very first time. Of course, they will have plenty of hands-on support but it does raise an important issue for those who don’t have an army of people carrying bags, driving cars and packing up what will be a notable increase in personal items. 

Moving home and having a child are both widely recognised as two of life’s most daunting experiences; but throw them both together and you could potentially have a whole new set of logistical issues to deal with. It is important to make the whole moving home experience with a baby a positive one; if you feel stressed then the child, albeit small and new to the world, will pick up on your mood and start to react negatively. So, as Kate and Will gear up to take their first child home, here’s some top tips and baby essentials for parents in a similar position:

  • Find out about local mother and baby groups or 1 ‘o’ clock clubs in the area you’re moving to so you can get to know other mums and babies. This will help you settle into what is probably feeling like a completely new life. The National Childbirth Trust is the UK's largest parenting charity and provides plenty of friendly "Bumps'n'Babes" support groups across the country.
  • Pack the baby’s things separately and transport the essentials with you rather than in the removal van, or clearly label the boxes so you can settle the baby as soon as you arrive and keep them happy with their familiar routine. Mothercare have a great list of baby essentials that you may find useful in the first couple of months.
  • Ask for help. As simple as that sounds, some people are just too afraid to ask. If you can grab the help of someone close to you or someone you trust just to give you some time to unpack, then grab it with both arms.
  • Try to ensure that the cot is all set up before you come home or move in if you’re moving somewhere new. And keep the baby's room calm and free of removal boxes to help get them familiar with their new surroundings.
  • Lastly, do not forget the car seat - you will not be able to take your newborn home without it. Your baby's seat must be rear-facing and have a five-point harness. Stores, such as Halfords, will have a range of car seats to fit your budget and car type plus they also offer a free fitting and safety demonstration.

Bishop's Move are a family-owned company, with many of our employees having young families of their own - so we understand the concerns that new mums face when moving to a new home with a little one. You may not be moving into Kensington Palace but bringing your new baby home is a very special occasion that you will always remember.