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Last-Minute Office Relocation for Global Food Market Company, London

10 Aug 2023

Last-Minute Office Relocation for Global Food Market Company, London
Last-Minute Office Relocation for Global Food Market Company, London

Client Overview

Located in the heart of London, the client is a global food market company with extensive partnerships spanning growers, processors, packers, and exporters across five continents. The company supplies a diverse range of sectors within the food industry, catering to large manufacturers, supermarket packers, and independent wholesalers. The client approached Bishop's Move for their renowned business relocation services due to positive online reviews and comprehensive service offerings.

Client's Requirements

The client's relocation presented unique challenges. With uncertain lease confirmation causing fluctuating move dates, the need for flexibility was paramount. Bishop's Move demonstrated their commitment by seamlessly accommodating the short-notice move, once the new lease details were finalized. The client had specific requirements, including:

  • Crate hire for efficient packing and transportation.
  • Provision of all necessary packing equipment.
  • Safe and organized packing of office furniture.

Relocation Details

  • From: Leman Street, London
  • To: Austin Friars, London
  • Number of Phases: Single day move

Solution Offered

Bishop's Move leveraged its experience and expertise in business relocation to create a tailored solution that aligned with the client's needs:

Flexible Planning
Recognising the fluid nature of the move dates, Bishop's Move remained adaptable throughout the process, ensuring the move date aligned with the final lease confirmation and changing move dates.

Crate Hire and Packing
To facilitate a seamless move, Bishop's Move provided high-quality crates for efficient packing and transport. All packing equipment needed for the move was also supplied, ensuring a secure and organized relocation.

Efficient Execution
On the agreed move day, Bishop's Move executed the relocation with precision. Their skilled team meticulously packed the office furniture, ensuring its safety during transit and that everything arrived in excellent condition at the new location.

Client Feedback

The client expressed their satisfaction with Bishop's Move's services, particularly appreciating their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure a smooth transition despite the short notice. The positive experience solidified their trust in Bishop's Move for any future relocation needs.

To Conclude

Bishop's Move's business relocation services proved invaluable to the agricultural seed store's small office move in London. With their flexible planning, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting unique client needs, Bishop's Move showcased their expertise in delivering seamless and efficient relocations, even under challenging circumstances.


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